Ocean View council gets a new face on board

The Ocean View Town Council held its reorganizational meeting on Tuesday night, and swore in Geoff Christ and Bill Olsen as councilmen.

Christ will resume his council duties representing District 2 after running unopposed. He was also sworn in as the mayor pro tem of the town.

Olsen will represent District 1 on the council for the next three years, after also running unopposed. He replaces Michele Steffens, who decided to step away from the council after her term ended.

This is an important time for the Ocean View Town Council. The area, like the country, is starting to crawl out of the economic crunch it has been in for the past several years, and signs of growth are popping back up in town. It is imperative that this council continues to work together for the common good of the town, even when they might personally disagree sometimes on the best way to get there.

We saw Steffens stand up for her thoughts on several occassions while serving Ocean View, and we can’t thank her enough for that. It is imperative that our decision-makers hear all sides of any issues before they make decisions that impact all of us. What we saw during Steffens’ time on council were a few disagreements, but always cordial banter.

And we hope the council stays on that path.

Those dark days of incessant bickering and nothing getting accomplished appear to be in Ocean View’s rear mirror. Oh, there are still disagreements, and many people in town who would like to see things run differently, but the days of inaction and hostility now seem long ago.

Olsen brings a new face to the Ocean View Town Council, and we’re sure he brings his own ideas and thoughts with him. Let’s hope he has the courage to air those ideas, and the professionalism to work with others who might disagree.

We also want to wish Steffens all the best in her next chapter of life. She has volunteered hundreds of hours to trying to make Ocean View the best it can be, and poured her heart and soul into those efforts. The entire town is better now because of her service.


With the calendar soon turning to May, it’s impossible not to notice that Memorial Day is contained in that month.

With that being said, we ask you again to support your local businesses. Construction on Route 26 and Garfield Parkway will pick up again right after Labor Day, and it will be a challenge for those businesses affected. Let’s all help them have a positive spring and summer, so they can stay vital — if not through the winter months, at least for next season.

We are all in this together.