Here's looking at another year of resolutions

Well, 2012, let’s take a look at you. I mean, yeah, there are those preconceptions concerning you being pretty much the last year we’ll ever see, thanks to the Mayans, but I have to say you’re looking pretty good to me.

Of course, the start of every new year looks good to me. There’s a bit of a clean-slate feel to the unveiling of a new calendar (remember, supplies of the new Coastal Point calendar are going fast!), and it’s probably healthy to look at each new year as a chapter in your autobiography. We hope that 20 years down the road we’ll be able to look back and say, “Man, 2012 is when everything turned around for me!”

And then you find yourself hoping for the same thing in 2013.

But this is not a time for pessimism. Besides, as my father always said to me, we make our own breaks in life. You can sit around and wait for something to happen, or you can go make it happen yourself. And that’s where New Year’s resolutions come in so handy.

It’s a chance for us to take stock of our lives — to see both where we are in the present, and where we would eventually like to be in the future. If we think we smoke too much, we can resolve to quit smoking. If we think we don’t exercise enough, we resolve to get on that treadmill. We evaluate, we plan, we execute.

Well, in theory, we execute. I have a long history of following my resolutions for about a week, and then finding myself sitting on the couch with a bottle of Jameson and a chicken cheesesteak sandwich, while the betting lines for that week’s games rest on a dusty set of weights in the corner. I mean, the only way it could get any worse for me is if the Australian women’s volleyball team was also ...

But I digress.

This is about a new year, and the personal resolutions that goes along with that new year. So, even though I wasted half my alloted space building up to it, here is what I’m looking at as far as resolutions go for 2012:

• Control that weight. Yeah, it sounds simple enough, right? Just put down the fork, and get my backside off the couch long enough to exercise a little bit. However, my problem is two-fold — I like to eat, and I love my couch. Of course, the struggle with self-discipline is probably the real root of my problem, but I really pledge to try this year.

• Write that book. I know the story. I’ve created the characters and their backgrounds. I’ve written the first 100 pages about 10 times. The goal this year is to actually write 100 pages that I’m happy with, and hopefully go from there. Of course, to truly do this, I’m going to have to eliminate all the distractions that have managed to hamper me in the past and ... Ooh, shiny!

• Achieve flight. That’s right, I want to learn how to fly. I’m not talking about pilot classes, mind you. No, no, no. I want to be able to get a strong running start, plant my feet firmly for takeoff and then launch myself into the heavens. Granted, if I don’t take care of my weight issue, the running start is going to be a real problem. You know what? Not worth it. Let’s move on.

• Don’t go backwards. This is probably the most realistic of my resolutions for 2012. There are some things about myself I feel like I improved a little bit over the past year, and I really don’t want to see that progress go by the wayside. For instance, I’ve gotten much better at recognizing enemies quickly in Call of Duty and I’ve really improved my response time when Bailey the Wonder Pug demands my immediate attention. You know what? No. I am no longer bowing down to the wants of a 15-pound dog that treats me like her live-in servant, and I am going to start acting like the master in this relationship again.

Yeah. That one’s not going to happen. She has such a pretty little face!