BREAKING NEWS: Survey results show Bethany citizenry favors Assawoman Canal Trail

Bethany Beach officials on Dec. 15 announced the results, to date, from a survey the Town sent out to its citizens on Nov. 9 regarding support and opposition to the proposed Assawoman Canal Trail project, which would run along the Assawoman Canal, partly inside town limits.

The results released on Dec. 15, from 585 respondants, indicated that 459 (78 percent) favored development of the trail, with 83 (14 percent) opposed and 43 (7 percent) undecided.

The Dec. 15 survey results also included comments on the project from both those in favor of it and those opposed to it, with some of the numbers broken down by whether the respondants in question live near the canal.

For more information on the survey results, including some of the comments and detailed numbers, pick up the Dec. 23 issue of the Coastal Point or visit after Dec. 22.