Movement is getting some real legs to it now

The economy has been a basic staple of conversation for the past several years. More specifically, our awful economy has been the major topic of discussion for people of all economic levels.

There is frustration and anger amongst many people, largely stemming from salary discrepancies between corporate executives and employees, unemployment, corporate bailouts, lobbyists controlling our elected politicians and ... well, we think you get the general idea.

Many of us have seen the members of the Occupy Wall Street movement protesting in New York. Those efforts have since spread out to other cities, like Boston and Bethany Beach.

Bethany Beach?

That’s right. A group of demonstrators were spotted at the corner of Route 26 and Coastal Highway on Tuesday, carrying signs and generating honks from drivers passing by their demonstration.

“I think the purpose is to send a message to government, particularly the House of Representatives, that they can’t keep bailing out Wall Street,” said demonstrator Peter Schott. “They’ve really got to work for the majority. That’s what they were elected to do ... really work for everybody, and not just work for the 1 percent that make all the money.”

This is interesting to us. Whether you agree with their message or not, you have to be impressed with how this grassroots movement has picked up momentum. It is a non-violent protest clamoring for changes at the very top of our system, and it has largely spread its message and gained followers through online social networking.

By spreading out of the big cities and into smaller communities like ours, they are getting out their message to more people, and as long as they stay peaceful, they are doing no harm to anybody. It’s an interesting movement, to be sure.