WEATHER ALERT: Road conditions still treacherous; State offices, employees in Sussex on delayed start

While the limited state of emergency and driving warning was lifted Monday night in all parts of the state, some roads in rural areas remained unplowed or have been covered again by snow, so state officials said that motorists should drive only with caution and might be wise not to drive at all, especially in Sussex County.
Winds have been a significant factor through the day, they said, causing roads to fill with blowing, drifting snow. DelDOT crews have had to return to previously plowed primary because of drifts have not been able to get to most secondary roads at all.
In many areas where roads are bounded by open fields, blowing snow not only causes drifts, but also greatly reduces visibility. As workers commute home from work, many are suddenly coming up on relatively deep drifts and swirling snow that engulfs their vehicles to the point that a vehicle in front of them cannot be seen.
Public safety officials were urging all drivers throughout the state to allow ample time for their travels and to monitor road conditions on the way to their destinations before they set out. Drivers might leave work or their residence on dry black pavement only to have to traverse several areas of drifts and poor visibility before they reach their destination.
Because some areas have not yet been plowed and also due to expected drifting overnight, non-essential state employees who live or work in Sussex County will not report until 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 28. Essential employees will report to work as scheduled. Those who report at 10 a.m. are being urged to allow extra time for travel and exercise extreme caution when driving.