URGENT WEATHER ALERT: Vehicles blocking roads will be moved, those stranded in cars must clear exhaust to avoid death or injury

State officials sent out an urgent message about 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday, noting that presently there are stranded and abandoned vehicles that are blocking some roads in Sussex County to the point that ambulances cannot proceed to make emergency runs. These disabled vehicles must be moved immediately in order for responders to carry out life-safety responsibilities.

These vehicles will be pulled or pushed out of the roadway to ensure safe passage of emergency vehicles. If drivers are stranded in any of the vehicles, they will be removed and taken to shelter. If the vehicles are abandoned and empty, they will be forcibly moved aside. The State of Emergency Declaration allows removal of abandoned vehicles at the expense of the owners. Sussex County Emergency managers in conjunction with Delaware National Guard and State Police are coordinating a response plan now to retrieve stranded motorists.

Officials also issued an urgent reminder that anyone stranded in vehicle stuck in snow with the engine running must clear all snow and ice from around the exhaust pipe or risk serious illness or death from carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have a cell phone, call for help immediately upon hearing this announcement and report your location. If you hear this announcement in your vehicle and see occupants of other vehicles, make sure they are aware of the danger and that their exhaust pipes are free of snow blockage. This is a life-threatening situation.