WEATHER ALERT: Road conditions remain dangerous; 8-13 inches of snow on the ground, below-freezing temps continue

National Weather Service officials are warning of icy roads on Sunday morning. With very cold temperatures in place, any snow from the storm Saturday night that melts on Sunday will freeze on roadways and other untreated surfaces. Caution was advised for those traveling on Sunday. Drivers should be alert for any icy conditions.

Local reports have anywhere from 8 to 13 inches of snow having accumulated through Sunday morning, with drifts reaching the upper end of that range. Numerous traffic accidents and vehicles in ditches have been reported. Police and highway officials are urging people to continue to stay home, if possible.

Road crews have been attempting to clear main roads, Ocean View police advised overnight. However, they said, the wind and continued snowfall is was making that difficult. Secondary and tertiary roads may have been plowed, but the wind also caused snow drifts to form across the roadways. Additionally, ice could be forming underneath any packed snow on the pavement. Use extreme caution when travelling on all roads.

Coastal flooding may also be a concern in the area. North to northeast winds around an area of low pressure off the Mid-Atlantic coast, coupled with high astronomical tides may cause minor tidal flooding during high tide Sunday morning. High tide is expected to occur on the coast around 9 a.m., and will occur a couple of hours later in the back bays.

A coastal flood advisory indicates that onshore winds and tides will combine to generate flooding of low areas along the shore.

As of 6:45 a.m. on Sunday, Delmarva Power was showing now outages for its customers in Sussex County. Delaware Electric Cooperative also indicated no outages at that time.