BREAKING NEWS: Millsboro girl charged with attempted murder

Delaware State Police detectives on Tuesday, Nov. 4, arrested a 14-year-old Millsboro girl following their investigation of an alleged assault that occurred on Saturday, Nov. 1, about 1:10 p.m.

Police said the incident occurred on Layton Davis Road in Millsboro, where the 78-year-old male victim was approached by the girl as he was attempting to leave his residence. She asked him for a ride, police said, and when he refused, she became angered.

The victim advised the girl he was calling the police, they said, and upon hearing this, she allegedly grabbed the victim’s cellular phone and damaged it beyond use. Police said she then took a spray bottle and sprayed the victim in the eyes with a bleach substance.

According to police, the girl next jumped onto the victim as he was seated in his car and began to punch him. The victim was able to push her away long enough to attempt an escape, they said.

Police said the girl pursued the victim and stabbed him in the back of his body with a knife but he continued running and was then overpowered by the girl, who knocked him to the ground and stabbed him a second time, penetrating his chest area.

Detectives said the girl attempted to stab the victim a third time, but the victim was able to grab the knife with his hand and take it away from her. The girl then reportedly fled the area.

According to police, the victim received multiple cuts and lacerations on his right hand when he took the knife away from the girl. State police detectives said he was taken to an area hospital and will require surgery to his hand as result of his injuries. He has since been released from the hospital, pending surgery at a later date.

Troopers arrested the girl at her residence on Tuesday, without incident. She was charged with Attempted Murder 1st degree, Possession of a Deadly Weapon during the Commission of a Felony, Assault 2nd degree, Criminal Mischief under $1,000 and Criminal Trespass 3rd degree.
She was remanded to the Stevenson House in lieu of $75,500 secured bond.