Town of Selbyville - July 7, '08 Meeting Results

The Town of Selbyville announces that on July 7, 2008, after a Public Hearing and Notice, the Mayor and Council voted in final approval to amend the Zoning Ordinance of 1996, and the Zoning Map of the Town of Selbyville, as amended, to change the zoning designation from the R-3 Residential District to the R-4 Residential District for the following properties:

Carol Ann Hastings 5-33-17.00-72.00

Orville C. Jr. and Deborah A. Hudson 5-33-17.00-73.00, 5-33-17.00-73.01, 5-33-17.00-76.00, 5-33-17.00-94.02

Bonard B. Timmons Jr. 5-33-17.00-71.00, 5-33-17.00-94.00, 5-33-17.00-251.00

Mayor and Council, Town of Selbyville
CP 20080711 1T