Reader throws her loyalty behind Biden

We live in a time when people need a real hero to look up to, or depend upon. I am writing about, and on behalf of, my hero. I hope you can find the space to print such a story and that my Delaware neighbors, your readers, will find time to read it.

About four years ago my younger brother was viciously attacked and left for dead on the island of St. Thomas. Officially diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, he lay in a coma, teetering between life and death, for more than four weeks. Honorably discharged from the United States Army in the late ’70s, he had served as a Green Beret during the Vietnam War. After living through that, there wasn’t much that frightened my brother Stan.

However, had he been standing beside his siblings, looking down at the battered man fighting silently for his life in the island hospital bed, I think he would have been very afraid. The fifth of 10 children, Stan had no wife or children to support him.

Nine living siblings, including myself, took turns traveling to the island to stand watch by his bed. It was a long and frightening vigil. And together we launched a campaign to get Stan the veteran’s medical benefit he had never officially requested for himself. He was in a critical medical situation without insurance. To say that this was a daunting task is a major understatement.

The primary problem we had was that the “system” needed his signature, which of course he was incapable of giving. We could not get Stan the treatment he needed without medical benefits, and we couldn’t get benefits while Stan was in a coma.

Between the nine of us, it seemed that we talked to everyone in the Veteran’s Administration both in the islands and in the U.S., sadly to no avail. We talked to legislators from several states, who generally responded in the negative.

Eventually, we found a legislator who wasn’t negative; one who was kind enough to care, and strong enough to cut through enough red tape to get my brother the Veteran’s status and medical care that were rightly his. That legislator became our hero. Our hero’s name is Joe Biden.

Thanks to him, my brother gained access to the best neurological care in the country. He eventually recovered and is now, I am happy to report, a fully functional member of society again (something doctors on the island considered impossible.) When we needed him, Sen. Biden was there for us. He even sent a young man from his office to visit Stan during the slow recovery process in the Veteran’s Hospital in Richmond.

Do I need to tell you how uplifting that experience was for a former Green Beret? My family and I will never forget Joe Biden or his kindness to my brother. To us, he is a real superhero.

He is also a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the presidency of the United States. I follow the Iowa news stories on him every day and donate regularly to his campaign. I’ve never been a political person, but when I hear Sen. Biden say he will work hard to assure our troops get everything they need, I believe him.

In Delaware we have a leader that is trusted, respected, admired, fully experienced and, dare I say, loved. He is a good senator, asking only for a chance to serve his country more fully as president. It breaks my heart to think that such a candidate would not get a real shot at the Oval Office because he’s considered one of the “little” guys in this race, hailing from a small state and carrying a meager purse.

I’m writing to encourage my fellow Delawareans to support Joe Biden’s run in the Iowa primary. If he doesn’t make a good showing in Iowa, his campaign will be over and most of the country will never know what Delaware has to offer this nation. Please print my letter.

Joe Biden was there when my family needed him. I wonder how many others reading my letter have a similar story to tell. Now, as never before, we have a chance to support the good senator from Delaware who has faithfully supported us for many a year.

Joe Biden needs our money to win in Iowa. It’s not easy to put hard-earned money on the line, particularly for a long shot. But I’m asking your readers to do it anyway. Do it for the man. Do it for the principle. Do it for the country we love. Do it at www.JoeBiden.com.

Carol Wright-Woodruff

CBS puts their support behind HB 239

House Bill 239 would centralize growth management and planning in the Office of State Planning and create specific minimum standards for determining the adequacy of public facilities and services for water, health care, transportation, storm water management, schools, and wastewater transmission, treatment and disposal.

A big thumbs-up to sponsor Speaker of the House Terry Spence (R-18th). Thumbs-up to the additional sponsors: Rep. Richard Cathcart (R-9th), House majority leader; Rep. Robert Gilligan(D-19th), House minority leader; Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf (D-14th); Sens. George Bunting (D-20th) and Gary Simpson (R-18th).

Joan Deaver
Citizens for a Better Sussex (CBS)

A reader’s critical 2008 campaign issues

There are two critical ’08 campaign issues that must override all others if the United States is to have any chance of surviving as a sovereign nation. The two issues also share a common link.

One issue is whether or not our country is going to free itself from the leadership and control of one-world organizations.

The other issue is whether or not our country will take back control and responsibility of its own financial destiny by shutting down the Federal Reserve.

The common link between these two issues is an organization called Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Finding a satisfactory solution to the Iraq war is very important. Securing our borders and coming up with a solution as what to do with the illegal immigrants already in our country is very important. In another time partisan politics, political philosophy and special interests concerns would certainly be the name of the game.

But, I submit that if we continue electing politicians to the top offices in the land who are members of, or controlled by, the CFR and other one-world organizations those one-world organizations will determine the Iraq and Immigration “solution” for us and it won’t make any difference what we want. Partisan politics will be their politics, political philosophy will be their philosophy and special interests will be their interests.

If you question that conclusion, I ask only that you think back and remember how the president of our country and some of our key congressional leaders continued to push for immigration legislation time and time again, in spite of our citizenry’s over-whelming display of opposition. At the time, I asked myself when did I ever remember a group of politicians defying a large bloc of voters to the point of risking voter retaliation at the ballot box by repeatedly resubmitting legislation for approval, legislation that the public clearly opposed time and again?

The conclusion I came to was that they feared, or were more concerned with pleasing someone or something else more than they feared, a voter backlash in November. And because the CFR openly acknowledges their agenda is to create unsecured borders, had their legislative members along with an administration consisting totally of CFR members, aggressively promoting the “DREAM” Act, it did seem reasonable to conclude that it was the CFR’s “tune” the politicians were dancing to and not that of their constituents’.

My point being, unless we are willing and able to change the nature of those who we elect to positions of trust we can expect massive dosages of political indifference - in some cases even opposition, from those elected officials in the future. At that point we will have started down the slippery slope of totalitarianism and our elections will begin look disturbingly like an election in Russia and Venezuela. There will be an election and a vote but nothing will change.

The same leaders will remain in power — come to think about it we are already getting to that point. We do have periodic change in personnel at the top but there doesn’t seem to be a real change in the country’s direction, does there?

The other issue has to do with the Federal Reserve. It is a central bank, a private corporation, and not a federal agency. In fact it is the only private corporation in our country that is tax-exempt. For 94 years this organization and its CFR member-owners have literally bled our nation of its financial strength while those owners were getting obscenely wealthy at our expense.

Our country’s debt obligation now stands somewhere between $9 and $24 trillion dollars, depending upon whether you are talking about what the citizens of this country owe, or the total of both public and private debt.
To put a trillion dollars (nine zeros) into some kind of perspective, imagine you started a business the day Jesus was born and that business proceeded to lose a million dollars a day, every day for 365 days a year. It would take that business until October 2,737 to lose a trillion dollars. Yet every 80 days we continue to pile another billion dollars of debt (on average) onto what is already owed.

As bad as that debt is for the rest of us, it ”plays” right into the CFR’s agenda of replacing our dollar with a new universal currency called the Amero. The worse our financial plight becomes, the easier the CFR will be able to panic us into accepting their currency.

During those 94 years this “arrangement” could not have existed without the support and cooperation of our executive branch and key legislators, especially those that are CFR members. This is another reason why we cannot afford to elect any CFR or one-world candidate to the office of the presidency in 2008. The Federal Reserve is no less a issue than who runs the country, and must be dealt with now if the United States and its citizens are to retain what is left of their individual and collective independence.

The recent CNN Republican U-tube debating fiasco makes it clear the media is unwilling or unable to pose serious and important questions to the candidates. It appears we the people will have to take responsibility for asking the important and relevant question of the candidates. We must pointedly insist that all presidential and congressional candidates tell us if they have any one-world connections and whether or not they would close down the Federal Reserve if elected. A “yes” answer to the first question would probably bring a “no” answer to the second question, but we need to ask anyway.

President Andrew Jackson closed down the Second Bank of the United States (SBUS), a central bank in 1836, after it had been operating for 20 years. Without the central bank to manipulate the money supply the United States experienced unprecedented growth for the next 60-70 years.

Why not require our next president to close down the Federal Reserve in 2008-2009?

Allen Ide

Drivers have to look at consequences

This letter is for those who drive fast on Route 1, and think it is good sport to tailgate and dart from lane to lane.

Every day my wife and I travel between Milford and Lewes. We drive as fast as others, but during most of our trips we are ruthlessly tailgated. Sometimes you are in a pickup truck or work van. Other times you drive an SUV or a Corolla with Delaware, New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania plates — but mostly Delaware.

Sometimes you are courteous enough to extend a finger at us as you drive by, no doubt telling us we are “Number One” in your book. After you swerve around us, you proceed to pay close attention to someone else.

Last evening, you forced my wife into a jarring stop in a turn lane after hanging within inches of her bumper for over two miles. (A month ago, another woman driving to Milford was edged off Route 1 into a ditch where her car rolled over — the offending driver drove a white SUV with the letter “L” displayed on the back window.)

What in the world is causing you to do this? Don’t you realize that the people you are risking with death are mothers and grandmothers with children — just like your own?

If you simply nick their bumper with yours, it will send their vehicle into a cart wheeling mass of metal.

Do you understand that driving at 75 mph from Milford to Lewes will get you there less than 2 minutes sooner than if you drove at 65 — which is still 10 miles over the speed limit?

Are those 120 seconds worth someone’s life?

Here’s an idea — walk into your bathroom. Look in the mirror and ask yourself — is this the face that I want an innocent person to see in their rearview mirror just before they die?

The irony is — you are not a bad person. If someone came to your door asking for $5 to help a local family in need, you would probably give them $10 or $20.

Yet at the same time, you would risk putting that same family into desperate straits because of your aggressive driving.

Think about it.

Mike Rawl

Beekeeper asks county to consider environment
Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to Sussex County Council President Dale Dukes (D-1st) and forwarded to the Coastal Point for publication.

As a beekeeper and a member of the Delaware State Beekeepers Association/Sussex County, I would like to alert you to some of the environmental dangers of requiring lot owners to maintain herbage to less than one foot.

As you are aware, agriculture is the major economic force in our county and bee pollination is crucial to many of the crops that we are famous for. You may also be aware that bees are under attack from a variety of predators, such as varroa destructor, and from a variety of diseases.

One particular disease, colony collapse disorder (CCD), has been in the news recently because, if it continues, agriculture will have to change drastically. One third of our food supply comes from the efforts of honeybees, and their disappearance will have grave consequences.

Many researchers believe that CCD results from accumulated stress factors rather than from one particular agent, and bees which are restricted to a few pollen and nectar sources are under more stress than bees which have access to a variety of “foods.” For example, a bee colony in Sussex County weighs less after pollinating a watermelon field that they did before. This is a clear example of bees being stressed.

Local beekeepers depend on wild plants in their neighborhood to restore their bees to health before winter, and some of the best pollen sources are from “weeds” such as camphor and wild asters.

These plants, with their delicate yellow and white flowers, have their own beauty — and are especially beautiful to bees building up their winter stores — but they will not be found in neatly manicured yards. Instead, they are found in the nooks and crannies of the county that this amendment will regulate. In short, this effort towards neatness will inadvertently weaken the environmental diversity that underpins our economy.

Other environmental degradation will result if this amendment passes. For example, many species — such as quail, whippoorwills and rabbits — rely on the cover and seeds provided by the taller plants (weeds) that bridge the habitat of the field to the habitat of the woodlot. If the county forces these weeds into decline, then we will see a decline in many, many species.

Moreover, researchers in Kent and Sussex have recently found six new species of native pollinating bees. Interestingly, their habitat also would be disrupted through this amendment, and they would go into decline just as the need for them to supplement the honeybee might become urgent.

To conclude, I do not wish to be an alarmist. I am describing simple truths that cannot be ignored. However, if you do want to read about how cheapening a region’s biodiversity can have alarming consequences, I would refer you to Jared Diamond’s “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed.” I do understand that there are some eyesores in the county that might need corrective action, but, as a beekeeper, I urge you not to over-react in a way that will have lamentable consequences.

Randall Cash

Lions hold party for visually impaired

On the evening of Dec. 4, 2007, over 225 Sussex County citizens enjoyed a Christmas dinner, caroling and gift giving at the Millsboro Civic Center.

What made this event special is that 51 of these merry revelers are visually impaired or blind. All of the 18 Lions Clubs in the Sussex County area were involved in providing this Christmas Party to the visually impaired and their guests/drivers. About 20 Lions provided transportation for the visually impaired who needed rides to and from the party. Some of the guests had their leader dogs to assist them.

All 51 participants went home with a box of chocolates and a large basket of fruit. Some lucky folks also won a $10 gift certificate, all wrapped up in a small Christmas stocking for either Food Lion or Wal-Mart.

The other people in attendance included Lions, Lioness and Leos. The Leo Clubs were from the Indian River High School and the Laurel High and Middle Schools. Their participation was wonderful in helping guide the visually impaired to their table, assisting with getting their meal and handing out gifts. The Leos also gave out small handmade ornaments to the visually impaired.

Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization with nearly 1.3 million members in 200 countries and geographical areas around the world. Shortly after the Lions organization was formed in 1917, the famed Helen Keller spoke at one of their conventions. She challenged the Lions to be Knights of the Blind.

The Lions Clubs of Region 3, District 22-D of Delaware, take her message to heart and hope that this one Christmas party helped to lift spirits and promotes continued friendships with the visually impaired of Sussex County, Del.

Rebecca Stancliff, Second V.P..
Lord Baltimore Lions Club