Another voice against the dune in Bethany


A riddle: What do the towns of Ocean View and Bethany Beach have in common?

Answer: You can’t see the ocean in Ocean View and you can’t see the beach in Bethany.

As a former resident of that great state, I am sure I speak for all Ohioans in expressing our gratitude for constructing the Great Atlantic Wall in Bethany. It is so comforting to go to sleep at night knowing even the most vicious Atlantic storm can’t reach us now.

The kind of planning and selflessness displayed by Bethany Beach is hard to match. Would Arizona fill the Grand Canyon with cement to prevent further erosion? Not a chance. Would Paris wrap the Eiffel Tower in plastic tarps to protect that majestic structure from the elements? You can bet your bouillabaisse they wouldn’t.

Oh sure, there will be some who will see the new tribute to Lawrence of Arabia as folly. They will be unable to understand how in the same year a new bandstand was erected on the boardwalk to listen to music by the sea and a new dune was constructed to cut out the view and sound of the sea.

But the joke is on them, because when the tourists find out the beach is missing there will be plenty of seats near the bandstand for the rest of us to listen to the syncopated stylings of the East Orange New Jersey’s School for the Rhythmically Challenged All Girl Bottle Band.

So congratulations and thank you Bethany Beach. You have made the difficult choice of where to spend summer vacation so much easier for so many and given your residents so many more places to park in the summer.

Thomas Shaffer
Ocean View and White Plains, Md.

PS: Good Luck at the town meeting Nov 16th when the Council decides the thorny question of prohibiting smoking “in the ocean.”