People need to take stance on immigration

I think you may have misunderstood Mr. Koenig’s main point. Its not a major issue if a currency called the Amero comes into being, but rather, that a North American Union comes to pass. If the Amero is ever issued, it will be too late.

President Bush has been ignoring the illegal immigration problem and has been working diligently to join Mexico, Canada and the United States for his term of office. The Security and Prosperity Partnership, the current name used to deceive the American public, is being used to further the NAU. The three leaders have been conspiring to merge together and have said nothing about each losing their sovereignty. Why was the two day meeting held in Montebello, Quebec on Aug. 20-21 kept secret with armed police present? Why are our senators and representatives not aware of what’s happening? Or do they know? We all know of the jobs lost because of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Can we trust our leaders?

Also, in July 2006 there was an article in the News Journal headlined “Texas Highway Plans Stir Discontent.” That article dealt with a 600-mile superhighway that would affect homes, farms and businesses in its path. This would be the first of a 4,000-mile network known as the Trans Texas Corridor stretching from Mexico to Canada. This is what Rep. Ron Paul said, “The ultimate goal is not simply a superhighway, but an integrated North American Union — complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy and virtually borderless travel within the Union… It sounds like a recipe for transnational socialism and the further destruction of the U.S. economy. Terrorists surely dream of a borderless North America, where they can move freely from country to country unmolested… We must demand that American sovereignty be protected.”

We live a sheltered life in Sussex County and have always trusted our leaders. Perhaps it is time we speak out as was done to defeat the immigration double talk legislation.

Donald L. Wilgus

Fortress at Bethany a little bit scary

I was out of the country for a few months only to return to my favorite beach town and not know where I was.

Bethany Beach looks more like the black and white grainy snapshots my dad brought back of the Libyan coastline after WWII than the quaint resort of my youth. After a little research and talking to the town folk, I learned this sand barrier was built by the Army Corps of Engineers with the help of Delaware’s very own DNREC. No wonder it looks like a fortress, I couldn’t tell if we were being locked in or the sea locked out. One thing for sure, beauty and pleasure wasn’t a part of the plan.

Did a little more research and learned the architects of this humongous dune were surprised by the appearance of the width and height. Apparently DNREC’s very own top guy lives in Rehoboth. Guess when they got their new sand pile, DNREC and the Corps kept it sized right. A two-for-one, a view and protection.

Bethany prides itself in being the quiet safe resort. It’s quiet now — you can’t even hear the surf. Safe? I’m not sure who is going to keep an eye on that big black stretch of beach. More could go on than feeding the seagulls illegally.

It looks like Bethany’s town officials bargained away their rights for a reasonable sized dune with the Feds and state for this one so they’d get something for nothing. It looks like they got what they didn’t pay for.

I hear rumors and even read that they’ll reduce the size of the fortress, but it took them 20 years to go from planning to implementation. Meantime, I’ll be waiting in Rehoboth while the bureaucracy churns on.

Joe Pittman
Arlington, Va.

Several in community helped with auction

The Lord Baltimore Women’s Club recently presented their annual Fall Fashion Show on Oct. 11 at the Baycenter in Dewey Beach, with fashions by Coldwater Creek in the Tanger Outlets.

The club would like to thank the following merchants for their generous door-prize donations: 4 the Shore Furnishings, Ashley’s Bridal Shop, Back Street Café, Beachview Health Associates, Blossoms, Casapulla’s, Creative Concepts, Curves, De Ja Vu, Delaware National Bank, DiFebo’s Restaurant, Ellen Rice Gallery, Fat Tuna Grill, G&E, Inc., Hair Snippery, Heirlooms Trunks, Kool Bean, Made By Hand International, Magnolia’s, Millville’s Pet Shop, Nassau Gallery & Frame House, Oceanova, Oak Arbor Inn, Patti’s Hallmark Shop, Royal Zephyr, Sea Level Designs, Seyfert’s, Steakhouse 26, The Gallery on Central Avenue, Touch of Italy Bake Shop, Treasure Quest Shoppe, Wild About Birds, and Bethany Trading Company.

The club would also like to thank the many members of the community who attended the fashion show and made it a success.

Fran Slahetka and Karen Dixon, co-chairs
Lord Baltimore Women’s Club Fall Fashion Show

Replenishment efforts are outstanding

Bethany can once again now call itself Bethany “Beach!” The newly-established dunes look purposeful and will greatly aid in securing the boardwalk, town and beach. Tony Pratt and colleagues at DNREC are doing a good job on this project.

Tom Ford
Ocean View

Dog parks are important for any area

As a resident of Rehoboth Beach for many years, I feel the need to make a comment on the need for a social, legal, dog park. I had a terrible time while living off Old Landing Road trying to find areas acceptable to run our dogs. I think the area is very dog-unfriendly. All that beach area, and fines if you are found running your dog without a leash. Ever try swimming with a rope around your neck? We were fined in February one year for running and playing in the surf, mighty cold, too... not a soul around.

Do give the idea some positive thought. I know those who now still live in your area would welcome a dog park. San Diego has a wonderful Dog Beach; Ft. Lauderdale has several dog parks, actually in the middle of developments without any hassles.

I cannot understand why those without dogs get to voice their opinions, which will be negative, and those whose animals love to romp and swim are not allowed by law. Pity.

Valerie W. Sandell
Rehoboth Beach

View at beach will never be the same

Where’s the beach? Have the elected powers-to-be in Bethany Beach and their cohorts at the Corps of Engineers lost their minds? No one in their right mind would do this to themselves. But they have.

A beautiful view that I have enjoyed for 60 years has been destroyed. What a disgrace!

Who wants to walk the boardwalk and look at the rear end of a sand dune or climb a 14 foot dune to get to the beach?

The idea to a have a wider beach and to contain beach erosion is all well and good, but this monstrosity is way over the top. The Rehoboth Beach replenishment or Fenwick Island’s replenishment is what I think we all expected.

I would hope the Bethany Beach Council could give us a good explanation of just what happened and when we can expect to see the waves crashing, dolphins swimming, sand castles being built and all the things we have come to love about this wonderful place.

Please bring back the sea view. It is the way it is suppose to be.

Nancy Wright Greene
Salt Pond

Reader clarifies some statements from letter

I would like to correct one of Mr. Stamm’s criticisms last week regarding my Oct. 19 Coastal Point letter to the editor (“The dune is not built for the view”).

I did not suggest that the Bethany boardwalk be raised two feet. What I said was to raise the boardwalk benches two feet. In Mr. Stamm’s view, either suggestion might still be impractical, but it was offered as a comparison to any potential extra cost and delay that would occur to redo contracts for lowering the dune along the Bethany boardwalk. Obviously, the Bethany town council will assess the practicality of all ideas and any additional costs to reduce the dune.

And, yes, I now do realize that the dune will remain 16 feet in South Bethany. In an e-mail to me after reading my letter to the editor, DNREC’s Tony Pratt reassured me that Gary Jane, the mayor of South Bethany, does not want any dune reduction.

As I understand it, Bethany’s pending decision to reduce its dune will not affect South Bethany or delay the construction schedule. Any possible construction reduction to the Bethany boardwalk dune will not be done until the rest of the dune construction project is completed including South Bethany.

I am relieved to hear that wise decision, especially in view of the extensive beach erosion South Bethany experienced just this past week with several consecutive days of rain and high winds. We need our dune built as soon as possible.

I wish Mr. Stamm and the Bethany community the best of luck with whatever decisions are made to preserve their boardwalk views without endangering the safety of their community. I also hope his positive view that Mother Nature won’t be taking a bite out of the dune anytime soon proves to be accurate.

And, by the way, I still think booster pillows are always practical to bring along, no matter what the need.

Therese Keane
South Bethany