Reader shows a great love for her town

We are lucky in Bethany Beach to have people willing to run for Town Council. I thank you all and congratulate those elected.

Now is a good time to remind everyone that council members receive no monetary compensation for the job they do. They are volunteers bringing unique experience and a willingness to serve. And they don’t just show up at town hall meetings once a month to vote “off the cuff.” They work year-round and spend many, many hours in town hall with staff and committee meetings as well as traveling around the county and state meeting with other town, county and state officials. They avail themselves of many resources to arrive at informed decisions.

Bethany Beach is a year-round community for many of us, and that number increases each year. Our services are excellent. But it is in the summer that Bethany Beach shines. We host thousands of guests/visitors. They come with their families because they want to vacation in a safe, clean, pretty atmosphere.

They come for the Fourth of July Parade, the beach and boardwalk entertainment. Walk downtown and see children with ice cream on their faces and people of all ages enjoying the french fries, funnel cakes, pizza, etc. Restaurants are busy and shopping bags bulging. They support our economy. They plan all year for their time in Bethany Beach and treasure these moments. And you can be sure that on their way home they are planning for their return.

Our council members, the courteous and professional town staff, and the hardworking Department of Public Works make this happen. As a result of their efforts, the town runs smoothly and efficiently.

We have many qualified citizens who might want to run for office and several who have served in the past who will not run again because of misstatements and innuendo. We can disagree without being disagreeable.

Remember, these people are our friends and neighbors. They deserve our thanks and respect for the job they do.

Mary J. Rossi
Bethany Beach

Chamber thankful for the help

On behalf of the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce, I would like to thank the many artists, businesses and individuals that helped to make our 29th Annual Bethany Beach Boardwalk Arts Festival a great success.

I would like to start by thanking our lead sponsor, Centex Homes, for generously underwriting the event and for their dedication to community involvement. Our other sponsors: Bluewater Wind, Seacoast Realty, Banks Wines & Spirits, Mercantile Peninsula Bank (soon to be PNC), the Coastal Point, Delaware Today magazine and Great Scott Broadcasting all added to the success of the event and the Chamber’s efforts as well.

We wish to thank the Town of Bethany Beach, particularly Brett Warner and the super Public Works staff for their diligent efforts before, during and after the event. We thank the Bethany Beach Police Department and parking authority staff for their continued help and support. We also wish thank Wayne Fuller and the Christian Church Conference Center for allowing us to use their grounds for vendor parking.

Last but far from least, we warmly thank the many volunteers who help make this event possible, as well as the visitors and residents who patronized the artists and downtown businesses the day of the event. Your continued support is vital to the success of the event. We hope to see you all at the 30th Annual Bethany Beach Boardwalk Arts Festival on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2008.

Karen L. McGrath, Executive Director
Bethany-Fenwick Area
Chamber of Commerce

Young thankful for election experience

I wish to thank all who helped in many different ways in my campaign for election to Bethany’s town council.

The types of valuable assistance included letters written to the newspapers, generous amounts of time spent reading and critiquing my writings and speech, lending the use of personal computers, folding and mailing flyers, and monetary donations. Many hours were contributed by present and former council members in sharing their knowledge and advice, along with providing important town information. The daily good wishes of friends, both in person and by phone, were sources of great encouragement.

Although we did not win, I believe a clear statement was made at the polls on Sept. 8, due to your faithfulness. Your support and belief in me is greatly appreciated, and will be remembered.

Margaret Young
Bethany Beach

Reader believes too much is too much

My, my, my — I certainly do enjoy reading the letters to the editor concerning what should be banned on the beach. Smoking on the beach should not be allowed. The lifeguards should be empowered to issue citations to smokers who are annoying others.

And how about the person who has a problem with the obese people on the beach? Absolutely, lifeguards should carry a scale and make everyone step on prior to stepping on the sand. Anyone who weighs over a certain amount should be made to sit in the corner of the french fry stand and not allowed onto the beach until they reach and maintain a certain weight.

And then there are the cell phones. Lifeguards should confiscate all phones brought to the beach. They could give the beachgoers phone checks to retrieve their phones.

In addition, all beachgoers should be required to carry and use the proper sunscreen — skin cancer due to sun exposure is costing our state an exorbitant amount of money for treatment.

And, speaking of banning, how about Frisbees, and laughing, and running?

Oh, do the lifeguards need to protect the swimmers? Sorry you are in trouble; they are busy citing, weighing, confiscating and checking.

Carol Patterson
Ocean View

Steele congratulates Bethany candidates

I would like to congratulate Carol Olmstead, Bob Parsons, and Joe Healy for being elected to the Town Council.

Margret Young, even though she did not get elected, deserves kudos for willingly subjecting herself to possible defeat. She wanted some things changed and she stepped up to the plate to try to make those changes. Too many times, people complain, but do nothing about it but whine.

Congratulations to all.

Harry Steele
Bethany Beach