EDITORIAL: The season is now in full swing

Oh, the sun has been shining, the roads have been a little more congested and the children are out of school. But, make no mistake, the summer season doesn’t officially take hold around here until the Fourth of July hits.

It’s summer.

For local residents, the summer season often brings a range of emotions — the warm weather is always welcomed, more restaurants are open and there just seems to be more going on around us. However, there is also the consistent grumbling about traffic, lines at restaurants and crowded beaches.

It would seem we’re all a little guilty of forgetting the fact that we live in paradise.

See, for many vacationers, their week at the beach every summer is the highlight of their year. For the many of us who came here from somewhere else, think back to those annual trips to the shore. Remember the fun with family on the beaches, the walks along the boardwalk at night and those traditional trips to specific restaurants the whole family looks forward to the rest of the year.

The truth of the matter is we wouldn’t have as many spectacular restaurants in this area if it weren’t for the vacationers — the local economy just couldn’t support them.

And, if one looks more closely at the situation, it’s easy to tell that we wouldn’t have much of what we enjoy without vacationers and non-resident property owners. We all love to bemoan the crowds, but we rarely stop to consider the shopping, restaurants, events and, yes, newspapers that are available because of that extra population we enjoy every year.

Also, the real estate and construction markets have flourished over the years because of rental properties and second homes. Think it’s been a struggle this year with a cooled-down real estate market? Imagine if we never enjoyed the summer season population — our economy would have never gotten off the ground in the first place.

However, there are more than just pragmatic reasons to enjoy all that our vacationers bring to the community every year. There’s a buzz in the community during the summer months with the influx of people enjoying all we have to offer, and the seasonal jobs attract many workers from overseas — exposing people from this community to others from different parts of the world.

Cheer up, locals. The summer is a good thing, and the extra people just add spice to the soup.