EDITORIAL: Efforts of police help whole area

A three-month joint police investigation in the Selbyville area netted eight local drug-related arrests on March 1, and our entire community benefits greatly from the work done on that night.

No, the movement and sales of drugs throughout our area will not be stopped because of these arrests — it might not even be slowed very much in the long run — but it sent a clear message that open-air drug markets will not be ignored by police, and reinforces the notion that the police departments in this area recognize there is a problem, and are doing something to stop it.

That message alone could convince some people to stay out of the drug game. And it might convince some residents that the priorities of law enforcement are still focused on the community’s well-being.

We live in a time where the war on drugs is taking a back seat in public perception to various other wars in which we’re currently engaged. Domestic and local issues often get lost in public sentiment since the national stage is such a hot-button platform. However, drugs do indeed impact the quality of life in any community — even if you don’t live directly where they are being sold.

High school and middle school students who wish to buy drugs know where to find them. By tackling a well-known drug distribution center, the police are not only arresting dealers, they are also making it that much harder for our kids to get to the drugs, as well as putting a little fear in them before they frequent these places again.

There is no quicker way to decay a community than to introduce drugs to the equation. Crime escalates, families get destroyed and neighborhoods become labeled as “bad” or “dangerous” — negatively impacting the innocent people who happen to live there.

We thank the Delaware State Police and Selbyville Police Department for their efforts in the recent drug arrests, and look forward to seeing even more results from their efforts in the future.


Hey, it’s a good week. We also get to congratulate the three teams from the Indian River School District who won state championships recently in the Delaware Odyssey of the Mind competition at the University of Delaware.

The teams were coached by Lisa Forney, Bryna Groveston, Lynne Southmayd and Amy Wyatt. A high school team, coached by Kathy Roach, took second place in the tournament. The three winning teams will participate in the Odyssey of the Mind World Finals in May, and we wish them all luck and will follow their progress.