Minimum wage hikes cause problems


Once again, the government will increase the price of hiring an employee by raising the minimum wage. For any produce, as prices go up, demand goes down. How are fewer jobs going to help the low-skilled worker?

Raising the minimum wage will only hurt low-skilled workers, both in loss of jobs and in the increased costs of products they, buy because the labor cost of all businesses has gone up. Now the pizza that used to cost $10 will cost $11 to offset the increase in minimum wage. Who will that hurt more, the poor or the rich?

According to the Dept of Labor, only 2.5 percent of workers earn the minimum wage. That means that over 97 percent of workers earn more than the minimum wage. And the majority making minimum wage are teenagers, not people trying to support a family. In fact, if you are making minimum wage, why in the world are you having a family in the first place?

If you are trying to raise a family making minimum wage, you have made some incredibly bad life decisions. It’s not up to politicians to “fix” this problem. It is up to the individual. Get a job, show up on time, do what you are supposed to, don’t steal and very soon you will be making more, a lot more, than the minimum wage.

But we will continue to have these silly laws that make the politician “feel good” but actually hurts those they are trying to help, because we continue to elect politicians that never worked in the real world. In Maryland and Delaware we have Castle (in politics since 1966), Biden (1972) and Tom Carper since 1976. Plus Mikulski since 1977, and Ben Cardin, who replaced Paul Sarbanes, both of whom have been in politics since 1967.

A lot has happened in the business world since Nixon was in office. We would have a lot less silly laws if we elected politicians who have actually worked in the real world since the introduction of personal computers, cell phones and fax machines. Instead we have politicians who have never worked a real job in their lives.

Tim Doyle
Ocean View