EDITORIAL: A legacy that won’t ever go away

It’s been said that a person’s legacy should not be the life he lived, as much as the lives he touched. Using that formula, it’s a no-brainer to call Josh Freeman’s abbreviated life an unmitigated success.

We’ve all read and heard about the tragic events of last Thursday evening that claimed the lives of Freeman and his helicopter pilot, Alisa Danielle Howell. And we all know about Freeman’s ambitious and highly-succesful local projects at Bear Trap Dunes and Bayside. These are all facts, and are important in understanding the magnitude of the man’s footprint on our community.

However, it was Freeman’s passion for this community that must be noted here. He did not wish to simply give back to an area that was financially good to his family’s business — he wanted to be a part of our community, and do all he could to make this a better place to live and visit.

We can honestly say he did that.

Freemand did not just offer to support the Senior League Softball World Series in Roxana, he practically made it happen through his generousity. He took a portion of his Bayside profits and donated it to the Sussex County Land Trust to ensure that there would always be some land that remains open and unscathed in the county.

He was the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Carl M. Freeman Foundation, whose FACES grants help propel and sustain local arts, social service, religious and educational organizations. His work and commitment in the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce led to his receiving the prestigious Lighthouse Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Community in 2005.

It was sometimes hard to forget that this was not the only place Freeman spent time in with all his efforts to the community.

The Coastal Point bids a heart-felt adieu to Josh Freeman. You will be missed, but your legacy will forever thrive.

Well, we also need to say goodbye to one of our own this week. Susan Argo, our advertising rep, is leaving us for an exciting new opportunity and, though her absence pains us all, we’re thrilled for her at the same time.

Susan, you’ve been a great addition to the Coastal Point family, and you’ll be one of us forever — if that’s good or bad.