This idea should be explored

School district referendum.

Those three simple words can stir up quite a bit of conversation these days. Here in the Indian River School District, residents have consistently been supportive of whatever the district feels is imperative for maintaining and improving the educational experience of the students — and have shown that support by voting in favor of the referendums time and time again. However, there is always that opposition that raises valid points in their arguments against the referendums.

Sussex County Council, meanwhile, is exploring the legalities and possibilities of implementing impact fees on new developments in unincorporated sections of the county — with the money being earmarked specifically for the schools.

This is not a bad idea.

Impact fees are seeing a huge rise throughout this community because of budgetary realities. With a cooling of the real estate market, towns have been seeing less money come into the coffers from transfer taxes, and impact fees are taking up the slack in maintaining public works and staffing.

Yes, we realize that these impact fees are quite often passed on to the buyer of the new homes. And, yes, we understand the logic of Sussex County Council Member Dale Dukes, who argued that in some cases — he specifically used the communities built for people aged 55 and over — residents would have to pay the tab when they don’t have any children in the school district.

And that all makes sense.

But so does a community rallying together for future generations. And so does a steady supply of money going to the school districts, rather than the schools having to go hat-in-hand to the community when a need arises.


Is it possible we’re beginning to see someone step forward in the struggle for healthcare? Well, apparently some in the private sector are trying.

Giant, in a move that nearly mirrors a similar recent decision by Wal-Mart, will be providing some generic prescription drugs for $3.99. Yes, Giant is reacting to competition. But isn’t that a sign of capitalism at its best? We all benefit by this, and we applaud the effort.