EDITORIAL: Take time out for veterans

If the Coastal Point had a collective hero, it would probably be Leo Brady.

Yes, the man whose name is attached to the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce’s annual event when man meets icy ocean on New Year’s Day (and raises money for college scholarships for local students, among other things), is also often a social conscience for many in the community — including our publisher and editor. And, once again, Brady and the people at the Chamber are collaborating on another great cause.

Brady has been big the last couple years on trying to bring the traditional America’s White Table to the community. After enlisting the help of the Chamber, two restaurants — DiFebo’s and The Fat Tuna — are participating this Veteran’s Day weekend.

The idea behind the table is to honor our nation’s veterans, soldiers missing in action and active duty personnel. The restaurants will set up a table over the weekend, and will implement some of the traditional elements. For instance:

• a small table, to symbolize one soldier’s battle against many;

• a white cloth, which represents a soldier’s pure heart when he answers his country’s call to duty;

• lemon and salt, for a captive soldier’s bitter fate and the tears of families waiting for loved ones to return;

• an empty chair, for soldiers who are not here with us;

• a glass turned upside down, for the meal that won’t be eaten;

• a white candle, for peace;

• a red flower, to symbolize the hope that all will return some day.

In addition to the traditions of the symbolism of the table, the America’s White Tables at DiFebo’s and The Fat Tuna will also include an opportunity for people to donate to the VFW’s Operation Uplink program, where phone cards are purchased for American service personnel overseas to be able to call their families.

This is a good, pure way to honor veterans and active duty personnel over Veteran’s Day weekend, and we’re hoping many swing by to pay tribute, and help our troops.

Thanks again, Leo.