EDITORIAL: Election a time for all voices

Here we go — the time for posturing, campaigning and political support is coming to a head with Tuesday’s election. The ultimate symbol of democracy at work is fully upon us, as we step into the voting booths and cast our ballots for those we feel will represent our personal interests better than anyone else.

But will the results be a true barometer of the public sentiment?

There have been many stories lately — locally and nationally — regarding the accuracy of ballot counts, both those done in the booth and via the absentee alternative. However, if only 70 percent of eligible citizens are registered to vote in this country, and roughly 50 percent of eligible people actually do vote, are we sure that even an accurate count of the ballots cast will be the correct reflection of the mindset of the people?

Or, is that the accurate reflection to begin with — apathy?

Many people express passion for political issues throughout the year, and that only intensifies during the campaign season. However, numbers show that older voters are more inclined to vote than younger voters, and employed people are more likely to vote than those who are unemployed.

There appear to be huge demographics that are not getting their voices heard.

We understand this is a democracy — and with that philosophy we hold so dear comes the belief that an individual has the right to not participate in the process if one is so inclined. However, once again, the results get skewed.

We encourage people who truly care about the ramifications and outcomes of the coming elections to make time and get out to vote. There’s one chance to get your say in the process, and this is it.

---As we get closer to the Thanksgiving holiday, let’s take time to remember those a little less fortunate. Several organizations will be holding food drives in coming weeks, and it’s vitally important that we all do whatever we can to try and help out those who could maybe use a hand during the holidays.

The Point asks any organizations holding such drives to send in contact information and drop-areas, and we will be delighted to print them in the paper.