EDITORIAL: Committee doing the right thing

When talk turns to rejected absentee ballots, the nation often feels a collective chill. When the talk centers on ballots in one of our own municipalities, that chill can get a little more intense.

The Bethany Beach Charter and Ordinance Review Committee (CORC) recently took a stab at the town’s absentee ballot structure. Five members attempted to fill one out — knowing it was an exercise in reading and following the directions.

Four got it wrong.

These are smart people. In fact, these are very smart people who volunteer their effort and time in an effort to improve the quality of life in their town. Yet even they had problems with the structure of the ballot.

So, the committee is doing the right thing and examining the current ballot system in place, as well as having to envelop new state voting laws into the fold — such as laws concerning non-residents’ voting eligibility.

We applaud the committee for taking the steps necessary to ensure that as many people as possible have their voices heard in future town elections. There is no element of democracy that should be more cherished — and protected — than the theory behind one person’s vote counting as much as the next person’s.

And we believe the Bethany Beach CORC is doing their best to protect the interests of voters in that town.
Laura Ford, we hardly knew you. But we certainly loved what we saw.

Our newest reporter, Ford is leaving us to take a job at National Geographic. For her, it is an opportunity of a lifetime. For us at the Coastal Point, it is with a sense of pride and sadness we bid Laura adieu.

Laura grew up here — graduated from Indian River High School. She knew people in the community and loved nothing more than telling the stories of groups and individuals who comprise the make-up of this area. She was fair and thorough, a humanist and a bit of a softie for the subjects she interviewed and wrote about.

We wish nothing but the best for Laura in her new adventures, and anticipate the great things she’s going to be utilizing her talents to achieve.

Good luck, Laura. Your stay here was short, but sweet — and will always be remembered fondly in this office.