Letters: October 27, 2006

Democrats need to vote their party in election

Voters have an important decision to make on Nov. 7. That decision is whether they want Democrats to gain control of the U.S. House of Representatives. This year, voting for party, i.e. Democrats, will alter the political landscape.

First, this Republican-controlled Congress has been in session the fewest number of days since the “do-nothing” Republican Congress in the ’40s.

Second, Republicans have proved they do not know how to govern. They have voted for deficit budgets that are bankrupting this country — budgets that approve profligate spending while at the same time inexplicably reducing tax revenues in a time of war. We now have to borrow money from China, Japan and other foreign countries to support our troops in Iraq.

Third, the party that ran on a “moral values” platform has abandoned any semblance of moral values. For starters, no concern for the 45 to 50 million who have no health insurance, no energy or conservation policies to fulfill our obligation as custodians of the Earth, misrepresentation if not outright lies about the status of the war in Iraq. They continue to send our nation’s precious resource — our young men and women — to their deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, while asking no sacrifice of the rest of the country.

This year, voting for the party is critical. If Democrats gain control of the House, they will have subpoena power. This will enable them to ferret out information that now remains hidden from public scrutiny. And it means that we, the voters, will finally be able to hold the administration accountable and put an end to the free ride it has had.

Congressman Mike Castle is a member of the party that started the manipulated and ill-conducted war in Iraq. He supported a Medicare drug prescription law for seniors which prohibits the Social Security Administration from negotiating for lower drug prices (as the military services and Veterans Administration have been doing for years), which created the “doughnut hole” requiring seniors to payout of their own pockets when they have used $2,400 worth of drugs under the plan in less than one year.

He voted to abolish the estate tax, which would benefit only 8,000 citizens in this country and would have cost the U.S. treasury billions of dollars over the next decade. Mr. Castle’s party does not care for the common good of the people. Vote to remove him from Congress and elect Dennis Spivak in his place.

Dowell Anders
Bethany Beach

Republican urges party to vote party line

This Nov. 7, will be a critical election day for the United States. As Americans we have to make some key decisions that will greatly influence our future.

First, there is the issue of homeland security. Since it is well known that the terrorists want to destroy our way of life here in the United States, the Patriot Act must be continued as well as the other surveillance acts and fiscal checks. In addition, our military deserves the very best equipment possible. Furthermore, American legal rights should not be extended to the terrorists.

To protect our economy, the current tax cuts must remain in effect, maybe permanently. It is obvious from the results of the last few years, these tax cuts will encourage our economy to grow. At the same time, Congress must show more fiscal restraint when it comes to spending.

Liberal judges do not belong in the federal court, where they try to legislate from the bench rather than determine the constitutionality of the law. In other words, judges should adhere to the system of checks and balances set up by the framers of the Constitution.

Therefore, Americans have a very clear choice to make on Nov. 7. If you favor the positions listed above, then cast your ballot for Republican candidates to insure Republican control of Congress.

John Murtha, a Democrat, wants to cut and run in Iraq, much as we did in Vietnam. Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat who aspires to be Speaker of the House, has consistently voted against the Patriot Act. Charles Rangel, another Democrat, would repeal the tax cuts, which will result in a tax increase for all Americans. Joe Biden, our Democratic Delaware Senator, voted against the recent conservative Supreme Court appointments.

Are these the representatives we want controlling the legislative branches of our country? As proud Americans who believe in the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” we need to vote Republican.

R. Wayne Carmean
Fenwick Island

FOSCL offers thanks for Ball’s success

On behalf of the Friends of the South Coastal Library, I would like to offer my sincere thanks to the very energetic committee that headed the first ever FOSCL Harvest Ball, held on the 7th of October. The Ball was designated as the “kickoff” event for FOSCL’s Capital Campaign to enlarge the South Coastal Library/Cultural Center facility. The evening was a huge success, and gives FOSCL great momentum as we prepare to raise in excess of $3 million in support of the building campaign.

The Harvest Ball Committee members included Ray and Chris Aumiller, Garylee Cox, Faith Denault, Cherie Dorfman, Mimi Drew, Jean Holland, Kathryn and Tom Maly, Greg and Linda Neuner, Sue Sterner, Joan Thomas and Mary Lou Tietz.

All of these committee members are residents of the area that is served by the library, and it showed in their hard work and dedication in preparing for the event. We hope to have all of these terrific volunteers back with us to plan the 2nd Annual Harvest Ball, which is already in the works for next year.

Setting the mood for the festive evening were the beautiful decorations that adorned the hall at Ruddertowne’s Baycenter. These would not have possible without the generosity of Faith and Paul Denault, Kathryn Maly and Bethany Florists. FOSCL would also like to especially thank the staff at the Baycenter for all of their hard work, and to acknowledge the support of the Coastal Point in helping us to promote the ball and thank our donors.

One of the highlights of the evening was a wonderful history lesson about the South Coastal Library given by state Rep. Gerald Hocker. FOSCL is grateful to have Rep. Hocker and state Sen. George Bunting on board as our honorary campaign co-chairs. Their knowledge and experience in all matters concerning the South Coastal region will be invaluable to us in our efforts to raise the necessary funds to complete the Capital Campaign.

To all of the guests and volunteers who attended the Harvest Ball and contributed to its success, we offer our sincere thanks and invite you to put us on your calendar annually as a “not to miss” event. We hope to see you all soon at the South Coastal Library/ Cultural Center.

Mary Lou Tietz

NARFE president thanks Hocker for efforts

As president of the Delaware Federation of NARFE Chapters, I would like to thank Rep. Gerald Hocker for his continuing efforts to get state tax equity for all soon-to-be retired and retired federal employees in Delaware.

In his first term as representative for the 38th District, Gerald Hocker introduced a bill along with Rep. Joseph Booth to give retired federal employees tax equity with Social Security retirees.

Currently, Delaware excludes 100 percent of Social Security income from State taxation. Federal Civil Service Retirement System annuities get no such exclusion, even though the retiree was similarly taxed.

From the time that he was first elected to the House of Representatives, Gerald Hocker has worked diligently to get legislation passed for a similar exclusion. His bills have advanced further in each of his first two terms and he has pledged to continue working for passage in the next session.

On behalf of all soon-to-be retired and retired federal employees in Delaware, I thank him for his continuing efforts on this issue.

Walt Berwick, President
Delaware Federation of NARFE Chapters

Independent Party outlines endorsements

The Independent Party of Delaware is pleased to announce the following cross-party endorsements in the greater public interest. Voters and consumers are strongly urged to accept no substitutes for their health and safety.

• Harvey Hyland (D), 5th District county councilman

Mr. Hyland, through his sincerity, clarity and eloquence at the DNREC Indian River Power Plant Air Quality public hearing, has demonstrated that he genuinely cares about the people of Sussex County. He has the background, intelligence, insight and courage to truly represent the long-term best interests of the 5th District — in stark contrast to the incumbent, Vance Phillips, who did not even bother to show up in a matter so vital to the health and well-being of Sussex Countians.

• Robert Reed (R), sheriff

Of all the candidates who have sought the office of sheriff over the past 20 years, Robert Reed has best served the people of Sussex County through his unwavering and selfless dedication to law enforcement and public service in defense of our Constitution and liberty. Sheriff Reed’s basic, economical and commonsense plan to protect the people of Sussex County is our best option in the face of political corruption and tyranny. Our sheriff deserves our full support on election day.

• Barbara Lifflander (D-IPoD), 41st District representative

Despite the outrageously malicious ramblings and tactics of her insidious critics, Ms. Lifflander has clearly and courageously demonstrated greater concern for the people of the 41st District. On the issues of openness in government, health care, education, environment, public safety, energy and quality-of-life, she is an independent thinker and a long overdue voice for positive change in the First State. Her creative approach to public service, sensitivity, responsiveness and independence from lobbyists and special interests makes her the best choice.

Wolfgang von Baumgart,
State Secretary, Independent Party of Delaware