EDITORIAL: Plenty of praise to go around

We’re in a pretty good mood this week, so this issue’s editorial is going to focus on some positive things.

Let’s start out in Selbyville, where both a kindergarten teacher and a childcare professional were among the 11 winners of this year’s Governor’s Award for excellence in early-childhood care and education.

Melody Bradley, a kindergarten teacher at Phillip C. Showell Elementary School, won first place in the teacher’s category. Wanda Bunting, who runs Country Bear Day Care, won second place in family childcare.

This is not simply a case of people doing their jobs and being recognized by default, as much as it is two individuals combining time, effort and talent to pursue their callings and literally make this world a better place. By guiding the young, we are investing in the future, and very few people do it as well as these two.

The Coastal Point congratulates Melody Bradley and Wanda Bunting for their achievements. And, more importantly, we thank them for their day-to-day efforts.
The Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce honors one individual a year with their esteemed Lighthouse Award. The recognition is of the lifetime-achievement variety — a visible testimony to a person’s work and charitable nature. This year’s honoree, Wayne Lednum, of Creative Concepts, is yet another perfect selection by the committee and membership.

Lednum has consistently contributed to local charities, and his generousity is known by many. Throughout the years he has handled himself with dignity and decorum, and the Coastal Point would like to jump on the bandwagon and offer our own congratulations to this year’s Lighthouse Award winner, Wayne Lednum.
And, no, we’re not done with the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber recently walked away with major awards from the national Chamber of Commerce for their work, and now stand tall with 812 members. They recently donated $500 to each of the local elementary school’s art programs, with money raised in the silent auction at the Boardwalk Arts Festival and are consistently involved with charitable endeavors of their own. The staff, board of directors and volunteers at the Chamber also deserve a nod this week, and we look forward to the good they will do in the future.