Letters: September 29, 2006

Letter-writer responds to other letter

I am responding to Mary K. Ryan’s letter under “Not opposed to religion, it’s to favoring one” in the September 22 Coastal Point.

Mary K. grossly misinterpreted my letter if she believes that I support prayer in public schools. I do not! I was attempting to stress the idiocy of people that cannot accept a blessing from someone of a religion other than their own.

I agree that we must not have a state religion and praise our Founding Fathers for precluding it from happening.

However, at the same time I abhor the efforts of those that are trying to eliminate any reference to religion and religious icons in our daily discourse.

Are we to relegate such things as swearing on the Bible and “In God We Trust” on our currency to the trash heap? I hope not. Are we to deface practically every national shrine/structure in Washington, D.C., by removing everything that hints of a Judeo/Christian origin? I hope not.

Are we to remove “San”, i.e., “Saint” as the first part of the name of many of our cities? I hope not. Are we never to say, “God Bless You”? I hope not. Do any of these hint at a state religion? I think not.

Those that are opposed to prayer/blessings offered in public are, I believe, enemies of our country and our way of life. They are way beyond the concept of neutrality or tolerance. Too many of us are falling for the separation of church and state defense. Sorry. The removal of the Ten Commandments from a court building was a victory for those enemies and I believe it was a mistake.

I will admit that I never heard of the Treaty of Tripoli (1797) and I do not doubt that it exists. I also do not know the context in which it was drafted or why it was signed by President Adams.

However, unlike Mary K., I think that the verbiage mentioned was baloney. It is total foolishness to think that our Founding Fathers were not guided by Judeo/Christian thought in their deliberations and actions. They prayed before most of their meetings (the House and Senate still do) and for guidance with the formation of this wonderful country that they created.

I hope and pray — let me repeat that — I hope and pray that the we wake up and halt the ruination of our country that the ACLU and the secular humanists so brazenly crave under the guise of tolerance and neutrality.

Thomas M. Keeley III
Ocean View

Rally event at Cripple Creek a huge hit

Cripple Creek Country Club hosted the 10th Annual Rally for a Cure. Chairwoman Karen Pharr welcomed the 120 golfers as they enjoyed a jovial gathering and lunch in the clubhouse. New this year was the donation of Leslie Kopp, who underwrote the meal cost.

There was nothing quiet about the exuberant silent auction as attendees brought their competitive spirit from the golf course to the auction. Almost $30,000 was raised from the auction items, entry fees and raffles.

Past Chair Ellen Stephens displayed the plaque that the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Organization presented to the Rally Committee for their 10 years of successful fundraising. The total raised over this past decade is an impressive $156,000.

Thanks to the many donors, the participating local merchants and artist throughout our area. We are most grateful for the generous spirit of all involved.

We are all touched in some way by the effects of breast cancer. Support of this annual tournament is a viable way to do our part to find a cure. Thanks to all.

Gloria Farrar
Town of Bethany Beach

Bethany committee seeking input

As a councilperson in Bethany Beach, I now chair the town’s communications committee.

The committee’s future focus will be determined in the next month, in concert with the full council. That focus may involve such areas as providing information to citizens, obtaining input from citizens, and adapting the town’s Internet site.

Anyone who wants to explore serving on the committee or who wants to work or comment on the above areas related to Bethany Beach should contact me or the town hall. The town hall number is (302) 539-8011 and e-mail is admin@townofbethanybeach.com. My phone is (240) 687-3841 and e-mail is tmulligan@comcast.net.

Tracy Mulligan
Bethany Beach

Business owners show thanks for beach patrol

Labor Day weekend, Steen’s Beach Service was devastated by the poorly forecasted Hurricane Ernesto. We thank the Bethany Beach Patrol for their last-minute assistance in removing our beach equipment and storage sheds from the beach.

Thanks also to our family, friends and employees for their offers of assistance and their recovery efforts on our behalf.

Furthermore, we appreciate all of the good Samaritans who pitched in when they saw we were in need.

If anyone finds any of our beach umbrellas, chairs, body boards or signs, please call (302) 539-9160 and we will come pick it up.

Thanks again for all of your help.

Ron and Paige Steen
Steen’s Beach Service
Bethany Beach

Alumni choir being formed for St. George’s

I’m forming an alumni choir of members of the Saint George’s United Methodist Church “Chancel Choir” from 1963 to 1990 for a “Homecoming” gathering to be held Oct. 22, 2006, in the church in Clarksville at 2 p.m.

All members who have sung in the choir or have helped in anyway are invited to meet at the church for rehearsal Oct. 18 and Oct. 20, 2006, at 7 p.m.

I’m looking forward to seeing you and I know it will be an exciting time for all of us.

Please RSVP to 539-1706 or 539-7696.

Thank you and GOD bless.

Joan Morin
St. George’s

Scouts thankful for help from Marvin’s

Cub Scout Pack 280 of Ocean View would like to thank Marvin and Jane Long, owners of Marvin’s Market and Deli on Route 54, for allowing our pack to set up a Show ’n’ Sell for our popcorn fundraising event in front of their store on Saturday, Sept. 23, 2006.

We would also like to thank the community members that stopped by our table and purchased popcorn and/or made a donation. Our pack had a very successful day and the profits earned will be used to help fund scouting activities for our boys.

Marie Karitis-Smith, Popcorn Co-Chair
Cub Scout Pack 280

Dagsboro mayor and council reacted well

My husband and I attended the monthly Town Council meeting in Dagsboro on Sept. 25 because there were items on the agenda that we were interested in. We had the opportunity to pick up the agenda at Town Hall. It’s always available before the meeting and it was also published in the local newspapers.

We are fairly new citizens of the town of Dagsboro, but we are familiar with how the town conducts business, having been involved with the process when we were building our home.

With that being said, imagine our shock when the Town Council was viciously attacked several times during the meeting with accusations, threats and name-calling. Attendees came with documents that the Council had only a chance to review that evening.

The meeting looked like it was getting out of control, but our mayor, Wayne Baker, remained calm and professional, trying to deal with everyone’s concerns and asking for some time to have the documents reviewed by the Town Council in the proper forum. We were very impressed with the way he handled what could have become a bad situation.

We should all remember that these people volunteer their time and energy to keep our own a viable part of the government process. We applaud our mayor and the Town Council.

Mr. and Mrs. James Zsido