District schools make grade

Indian River School district officials were pleased to hear recently that 11 schools in the district were rated “superior” following the results of the 2006 Delaware Student Testing Program scores being released.

To put this in its proper perspective, there are 15 schools in the entire district.

“To have 11 of our schools rated as superior is truly a remarkable accomplishment,” said Dr. Susan Bunting, the new district superintendent. “Of course, none of this would have been possible without the efforts of our dedicated teachers and staff.”

Yes, it is a good idea to thank the staff and teachers for this achievement, as well as the students, parents, school board members and everyone else who had a part in this. Yes, we know that success or failure in the classroom is ultimately up to the individual student. But this school district has proven over the past few years that putting these students in an environment conducive to education, and providing the support needed for these students to excel, certainly gives the student a competitive edge in today’s competitive culture.

When a complete district achieves these kinds of ratings, it can not be chalked up completely to students being “from the proper neighborhoods” or students being “cherry-picked” to pump up an individual school’s numbers. This is broad-ranging, and this is impressive.

The entire staff of the Coastal Point congratulates the students of this district for their inspiring performances during the state testing process, and offers a sincere thank you to the teachers, staff, administrators and parents for their efforts in providing a stable and proficient learning environment.

Yes, this is a week of high praise from the Point. With the Senior League Softball World Series playing over at the Pyle Center, it’s important to acknowledge the efforts of Josh Freeman in contributing so generously to make this event a reality in our community. Freeman has provided housing for the players, families and umpires (along with the homeowners in the communities), financial contributions and resources to make this event as special as it is each year.

We often hear how important it is for people to give back to their community, and this is an area that certainly embraces that idea. But, in this one instance, we’d be remiss if we didn’t thank Freeman individually for this philanthropic effort.