Beware of pizza purchases

You know those little pizza kits groups sell to raise money for different organizations throughout the area? They’re cool, right? The pizza tastes pretty good, the kids in the house love watching the pizza come to life in front of their eyes and you get that instant warm feeling inside from helping someone out.

It’s a good deal all around.

Well, you might want to be a little more cautious these days. Apparently, a young woman has been going door-to-door “selling” these pizza kits, under the guise of raising funds for Little League. According to Ocean View Police Chief Ken McLaughlin, the woman is asking for money up front, and she has no affiliation with Little League.

McClaughlin also said the police have identified the woman and are working with state police to apprehend her. He added that he didn’t think the woman would be making any further attempts at this game.

However, as sick as it might sound to the average person, it is probably best to practice vigilance right now with door-to-door fundraisers. We all want to believe that everything is on the up-and-up, and we all want to help where we can, but we need to verify these things as much as we can.

McClaughlin suggested people ask for identification from the person raising funds, or a phone number where their credentials can be verified. Though this individual is expected to be stopped shortly, be certain that others will follow with variations of the same scam.

One other important thing for people to know is that there is no shame in being taken by this — or any other — person partaking in fraudulent activity. Whether it be identity theft or a fundraising scam, the police need victims to come forward to both help prosecute offenders and stop them from victimizing others.

McLaughlin encourages anyone with any information or dealings with this person to contact him at the Ocean View Police Department at 539-1111.

The people of this community have a tremendous reputation for giving to others, and there’s no reason that should stop. Let’s just all make sure the money goes where it’s intended.