Beebe purchase a reason to smile

Though the ultimate purpose and design of the facilities are still in doubt, news that Beebe Medical Center recently purchased a 10-acre parcel in Clarksville is still plenty of cause for celebration and optimism.

According to Beebe President and CEO Jeffrey Fried, the emergency services location that has been in Millville for so many years is simply not big enough to handle future needs, nor has it proven to be cost-efficient to maintain open hours all year — as evidenced by an experiment a few years ago to keep the center open a bit past Labor Day. However, the new facility, according to Fried, will most likely serve as a walk-in clinic, during office hours, and open year-round for that service.

It’s not a full-service hospital in our community, but we have to start somewhere.

The new facility will probably offer MRI and CT scan technologies, in addition to the traditional clinical duties that have been at the Millville center. That in itself is more than we’ve had in the past, and shows that Beebe has a commitment to providing medical services for the community. Now it’s up to the rest of us to show that commitment is being given to the right community.

Obviously, we are not calling for a rash of injuries to keep the facility busy. No, we’re asking that people contribute to the efforts in this new medical center. There will be needs for fundraising and volunteers, two things this community is never short of when the cause is right.

This cause is right.

Beebe is making an investment in our little area, and we need to make an investment back. That’s how partnerships work. By being active partners with Beebe, and ensuring that the support for their efforts is appreciated and respected, the facility should be one that supports this community for a long time, and proves to Beebe and other medical institutions that this area will put in the time, money and work to improve the quality of life for our residents. The ball is in our court now.