EDITORIAL: Conference is a can't-miss

Opinions on the current and future condition of Sussex County range from a relaxed comfort level to a near-hysterical rage of “the sky is falling down.” The latter opinion is that there has been to much development, not enough invested in the infrastructure and a blatant disregard for the environment and future job market. The former says that there is plenty of room for everyone, and everything will be fine with patience.

The truth, most certainly, lies somewhere in between.

Next Wednesday, at the Delaware Technical & Community College Campus in Georgetown, the annual Sussex County Today and Tomorrow Conference will take place.

For those who have never attended this conference, it is an outstanding forum for obtaining interesting figures and facts about the community, as well as hearing the ideas some of the influential people in the county have for the future of Sussex.

This year’s theme is Sussex County Prosperity — It’s Up To You! There will be discussion on the state’s economic plans for the future and the plans to create jobs as our demographics inevitably shift. There will be working committees present, which will take input and report back to the state.

This is a chance to both be directly involved and to hear what people have planned for our community.

The final day of late registration is today, Friday, Oct. 21. The cost for late registration is $35, and can be made by calling (302) 855-1659.

If you can’t make this year’s conference, but are interested in being directly involved with the future quality of life in this community, sign up next year.

It truly is a rare opportunity.