Volunteers needed to assist with terrapin project

Each year in mid-May, just as people are heading for the beaches, unfortunately, so are the female diamondback terrapins. The terrapins live in the Delaware Inland Bays, but the females lay their eggs in the soft sands of the beach dunes.

To get to their nesting habitat, they must cross Route 1 (Coastal Highway). Each year, hundreds of them are hit by cars and die of their injuries as they try to cross the road between Dewey Beach and Fenwick Island.

The Delaware Center for the Inland Bays is seeking volunteers to help the terrapins, a native species our Inland Bays watershed.

• The first stage of the project this year is the repair and extension of the fencing along Rt. 1 in Delaware Seashore State Park. Volunteers are needed the week of May 2-6 to do repair and installation of the silt fencing. No experience is required. Just willingness to work with a team.

• For people looking for less physical work, volunteers are needed to post “terrapin information flyers” at businesses along the Route 1 corridor beginning in early May.

• Volunteer bicyclists are needed to do road patrols and to move terrapins that are in harms way, and to collect data on live and road-killed terrapins.

If you are interested in volunteering on the terrapin project, contact Josh Thompson or Sally Boswell at (302) 645-7325 at the DE Center for the Inland Bays.