Fenwick police to clamp down on alcohol

While thousands of Delaware high school students are preparing to attend proms in the coming weeks, the Fenwick Island Police Department, in partnership with the State of Delaware Office of Highway Safety, is preparing to make sure their special evening is also a safe and alcohol-free one.

To accomplish this, the police department is undertaking a month-long underage drinking prevention enforcement and awareness effort. Every weekend during the month of April, Fenwick officers will be conducting an undercover detail called “Cops in Shops.”

Cops in Shops is a partnership between police agencies and liquor stores. Officers go undercover as cashiers, customers or even stock persons to identify teens attempting to purchase alchohol. Any person under age 21 found to be inside a liquor store, buying alcohol or consuming alcohol would be arrested, according to police.

In addition, the police department has free brochures available, including tips on how parents can prepare for prom time, how they can talk to their teenagers about underage drinking.

For additional information, contact the Fenwick Island Police Department, Sgt. Boyden (public information officer), at 539-2000.