EDITORIAL: Millville project in good hands

Yes, Millville is indeed changing.

It’s easy to get upset at the growth the town will be experiencing in the next few years, and all of us at the paper are a little more than concerned about the changes in quality of life, traffic patterns and the basic drain on infrastructure.

That being said, if the project had to be done — and, let’s face it, a project of this nature was going to be done somewhere around here — Millville officials, and the group putting together the project, appear to be doing it the right way.

The town has hired on an engineering firm to look over all site plans and represent Millville’s interests. Council Member Clifton Toomey is lobbying to protect all the concerns residents had with the project when it was first being approved. And the development group putting together the project, Millville Township LLC, has enlisted a slew of experts on everything from planned communities to traffic patterns.

This won’t be perfect. There will be traffic congestion throughout the process of construction, and traffic slow-down when everybody moves into their new homes. There will be complaints about noise and about dust, and those complaints will be justified at the time.

But, as we stated earlier, a project of this scope was inevitably going to happen at some point, at some location. We feel better about it with the people behind the development, and the steps Millville officials are taking in preserving their interests.

The project will eventually be accepted in this community, and will most likely be a welcomed addition when it is complete.