EDITORIAL: Big times ahead in Ocean View

Registered voters of Ocean View, let’s get ready to rumble.

On Saturday, April 9, voters can turn out to the new town hall in Ocean View, from noon to 5 p.m. to cast their ballots for the individual they wish to serve as the town’s mayor for the next three years. In one corner, there is the experience of incumbent Gary Meredith. In the other, there’s the upstart challenger, Wally Brown.

This is a hugely significant election for the future of the town. We all know about the growth the entire area has undergone, and Ocean View would epitomize the changes as much as any town in our community.

So, which direction would you like to see the town go over the next three years? Happy with the pace the current town administration is heading? Would you like to see things shaken up by changing the very top of the elected ladder?

That is the choice before voters on Saturday. What would make the election even more significant is if the town is represented accurately at the polls.

If only a small pocket of voters shows up to cast their votes, as is normally the case, then the candidate the most amount of people want to see win might not. For instance, if only a vocal minority casts their votes, then, politically speaking, they won’t be the minority that day. Their candidate, incumbent or challenger, will walk away with the win.

This is important. We are not just banging our chests or draping ourselves in the American flag. The immediate future of the direction of the town of Ocean View is at stake.

And registered voters in the town are fortunate enough to make the decision.