Millville now requiring HOA OK for permits

Parked in front of Millville Town Hall on Tuesday night, a shiny red SUV was taking a break from its day-job. Millville Volunteer Fire Company’s new command vehicle is a 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe, funded by a Town grant.

The vehicle will be on-scene for emergency calls, generally staffed by one of the company’s ranking officers.

“We think it came out well. We spent a lot of time on it to make sure it came out right,” said Paul Sterling Jr., deputy fire chief.

They dedicated a six-person committee to choosing the best vehicle to serve the local area.

Although the project called for much customization, they reused some equipment to save money where possible. The total cost was $77,571.44 — “well under” the original grant amount, Sterling said.

The Town created the grant in 2015 using the proceeds from, and because of, the town’s construction boom. They now require a $500 impact fee on new construction projects, from which the fire company can obtain funds by requesting grants for capital purchases, such as new equipment.

Founded in 1936, the volunteer fire company serves Millville, Ocean View and surrounding areas with fire and emergency medical services.

The MVFC volunteers and staff thanked the town council on Tuesday.

“What you do for us goes a long way. … It makes the job easier when we have the backing of our towns and communities,” said MVFC EMS Chief John Watson.

“Thank you for what you do for the community,” said Councilwoman Susan Brewer.

In other news from Tuesday’s council meeting, Millville building permits will require a little extra paperwork now, after the town council unanimously approved Ordinance 18-01, which amends the zoning code (Chapter 155, Article XII, Section 155-68).

Under the amended code, in addition to the plans and regular paperwork, all applications for building permits in Millville must now include a letter of approval from the applicant’s homeowners’ association, if any association exists, as well as a copy of the applicant’s Sussex County building permit.

Town Hall cannot enforce HOA covenants or contracts between homeowners, officials explained, but if the town council is to approve a building permit, they want to know that the HOA is onboard.

Also on Aug. 8, council members discussed installing a new town hall sign, which Councilwoman Valerie Faden will research.

Also, the town park has faced some permit delays, so council members plan to start contacting state and county agencies in an attempt to move things forward.