Millville committee gives annexation a thumbs-up

The Millville Annexation Committee met on July 20 and unanimously agreed to recommend annexation of a 31.32-acre property to the town council.

A petition for annexation has been submitted by the Howard Robert Hickman Revocable Trust and Dr. James W. Schiff. The property is located at 32525 Dukes Drive, with the proposed use being a single-family-home development of 94 homes.

The annexation committee comprises Council Members Steve Maneri, Valerie Faden and Peter Michel, and Town Manager Debbie Botchie.

Faden said an advantage to recommending the property be annexed into the town includes increasing monies to the tax base and transfer taxes to provide additional services to all property owners — for example, police protection and funds to sustain the new municipal park.

“Another advantage would be potential future involvement of residents of the town, control of future town’s development… [There’s a] significant number of advantages for the Town of Millville.”

Faden added that she doesn’t believe they’ve identified any disadvantages to the annexation; however, she noted, it would add to the workload of Town employees.

“I will say, as the town manager, the employees are behind this annexation 100 percent. The additional work? Minimal, I believe,” said Botchie.

The committee voted unanimously to recommend the approval of the annexation by the town council.