Sole Sister: Isom continues wellness crusade at Mind, Body & Sole

Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: Kristina Isom stands outside Mind, Body & Sole Wellness Center in Bethany Beach.Coastal Point • R. Chris Clark: Kristina Isom stands outside Mind, Body & Sole Wellness Center in Bethany Beach.Since Kristina Isom took over the Mind, Body & Sole Wellness Center in Bethany Beach, it’s seen its fair share of expansion. The facility has gone from what was simply a place for detoxification to expanding into saunas and massage therapy, and then again into facials, manicures and pedicure services.

But even after the newest addition this past October, taking over the adjacent studio for yoga, Zumba and Pilates classes, Isom still isn’t finished with what she envisions Mind, Body, & Sole becoming in the future, as she continues on her campaign for wellness in an area where she sees a growing demand for it.

“This is a growing area for wellness. There’s a need for it,” Isom said of the continued additions. “There’s a need for a place for people to come and feel comfortable taking care of themselves.” The yoga studio “was a great addition to what we already offer now.”

Isom’s interest in both physical and mental wellbeing began early, being introduced to physical fitness and proper nutrition by her mother’s involvement in bodybuilding and working out. However, the Pennsylvania native was working as a bank teller in South New Jersey when she started to hear her calling.

“I was working at a bank. I always loved working with my hands and always loved customer service,” she recalled. “I heard that there was a school down the street from where I lived that was a massage and facial school. I went in and loved the smell — everything smelled so clean and fresh and plant-based, and just felt right. I went in and was hooked.”

From there, she began developing skills in beauty and aesthetics, eventually going on to earn the title of Master Aesthetician. That was her original foray into health and beauty when she first moved to the area, starting off in natural nail services before landing a job at an Aveda salon in Ocean View.

She continued developing her knowledge and skills at a spa in Fenwick after that, but again she began to hear a calling, leaving to go off on her own before Mind, Body & Sole went up for sale at just the right time.

“I had just recently left a spa, and I kept hearing something in spirit, just kind of telling me it’s time to go,” Isom recalled. “I kept feeling the need to leave, and I finally did. I left and I had no plan.

“For a couple months, I was doing house calls, basically. I was doing home birthday parties, which I really loved — doing nail parties for little kids and seeing the joy that it would bring to them. But I was at this party and the mom had said, ‘Hey, did you here that Mind, Body & Sole in Bethany is up for sale?’ and I kind of felt that feeling again, saying ‘This is it,’ kind of like a spark.”

After going to check out the business and meeting former owner Michelle Salisbury, Isom said she knew right away where that spark had been sending her.

“That was it,” she said. “I pulled up, I shook Michelle’s hand and she told me, ‘You’re just what this place needs.’ It was right. It was perfect. It was definitely meant to be.”

Ever since then, Mind, Body & Sole has continued to offer more and more. First, she took over the space next door for beauty services and makeup services, before taking over another space for yoga, Zumba and Pilates. One of the major features is the spa’s infrared sauna, which can fit up to four people and sends out rays that penetrate the body and are believed to detoxify joints, muscles and organs.

“It’s actually a lot of fun to have a group of four come in. They have a lot of fun with it,” Isom noted. “Much better than just a steam sauna, it really penetrates down. It’s great for cleaning out the system, sore joints and losing weight — you feel a lot lighter and a lot better.”

The INF sauna’s dynamic for groups or individuals is exemplary of the atmosphere that Isom is trying to create for her clients, as whether they’re in for a facial, massage, full-body waxing, beauty, makeup or anything else, she wants them to enjoy taking care of themselves.

“It’s just a very nice environment, if you’re coming in to treat yourself or just need a little downtime or relaxation, it’s just a great place to be,” said Kim Bowden, a regular at Mind, Body & Sole. “That’s what this is about. It’s coming in to take care of yourself.”

“This is a social place for some people,” Isom added. “I have a handful of clients that come every Tuesday, Thursday or every Monday and Wednesday and this is their place to go — a lot of my clients were at my wedding. It’s definitely like family. I really try to just make it very warm and comfortable in here, and I just want people to have a good time and relax.”

But even with all the services already offered, Isom isn’t quite through with what she has planned for Mind, Body & Sole, as she continues to feel the “spark” — this time leading her into counseling, nutritional services, and possibly a food market and smoothie bar.

“That’s definitely the path that it’s headed down — this being a whole wellness center,” she explained, “not even just nutritional counseling — counseling in general. We also love integrating art and yoga and wellness, so we like to have a little fun, too.

“As we grow and expand, I’m looking for good people — good massage therapists, nail technicians… I would love another yoga instructor or any kind of fitness instructor, and we would love a nutritional counselor. I have a vision, and it’s gonna happen.”

The Mind, Body & Sole Wellness Center is located at 32892 Coastal Highway (Route 1), #3, in Bethany Beach, right behind Wilgus & Associates. For more information or a full list of services, visit their website at www.mindbody, or their Facebook page at
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