S. Bethany presents a history of the society

South Bethany may be young for a local beach town, but residents still proudly study its heritage in the South Bethany Historical Society. Councilman George Junkin will give a talk on “History of the Society” at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 29.

Formed in 2010, the SBHS came from the curious mind of Mary Suazo as she probed the knowledgeable mind of Carolyn Marcello, whose sister, May Felerski, was the first Town employee.

The goal of the group is to collect and preserve historical information, while encouraging interest in the history gleaned from those materials. Junkin’s presentation covers the history of the Historical Society, although that also encompasses everything they’ve learned so far.

The lecture touches on everything, including life and storms that shaped today’s South Bethany, the society’s 2014 book “The Best Little Beach in Delaware” and the future Coastal Towns Museum.

Town Hall still displays old photographs and T-shirts that remind visitors of quieter days, when beachgoers were first enchanted by South Bethany.

The lecture is free and hosted at Town Hall.