Gordon to serve another year as Bethany Beach mayor

Bethany Beach didn’t hold town council elections this year, as there were only three candidates who filed for the three available council seats, but just as with the council makeup for the coming year, the council executive roles will enter the new council year with a slight change.

At a council reorganizational meeting on Sept. 21, Mayor Gordon and Vice-Mayor Lew Killmer were both returned to those roles by unanimous votes among the council members, with no other candidates nominated.

There will be a change at secretary-treasurer for the council, though, as the council split on retaining Councilman Joseph Healy in that role, opting in a 5-2 vote to appoint Councilman Chuck Peterson as secretary-treasurer for the coming year.

Council newcomer Jerry Morris, who filled a seat formerly held by Jerry Dorfman, was among the five council members voting for Peterson, joined by Gordon, Rosemary Hardiman, Bruce Frye and Peterson himself.

The council will continue to meet at 2 p.m. on the third Friday of each month.

Also on Sept. 21, the council approved a list of committee chairpersons, as nominated by Gordon. Patrick Sheplee will continue as head of the Audit Committee, while Peterson, as secretary-treasurer, will head the Budget & Finance Committee. Hardiman will head the Charter & Ordinance Review Committee, while former councilwoman Carol Olmstead will continue to lead the Cultural & Historical Affairs committee. Frye will lead the Fourth of July Parade Committee, while Killmer will continue to head the Non-Residential Design Review Committee.

Gordon also nominated Larry Fishel, who had served as a member of the Communications Committee, to replace Morris on the Planning Commission, which is limited to one council member among its membership. (Killmer is the commission’s council liaison and chairman.) Fishel will complete Morris’ term, while the council also reappointed Killmer and Mike Boswell to new two-year terms on the commission.

Finally, the council unanimously approved a $432,000 contract with Jerry’s Inc. for the 2015 Street Rehabilitation project, which will include Half-Moon Drive from the east entrance of Bethany West to its west end, as well as Lakeview Drive in Lake Bethany, to Heron Drive. Jerry’s Inc. was the low bidder on the project, by more than $40,000, was recommended by the Town’s engineering consultant and has done work for the Town in the past. The project is set to begin around Oct. 5.

Kercher Engineering’s contract for $30,000 (time and materials estimate) for inspection of that street rehabilitation project was also unanimously approved by the council on Sept. 21.