South Bethany voters elect new town council members

In a South Bethany election with a broad slate of candidates, three new council members have been elected: Carol Stevenson (200 votes), Wayne Schrader (192) and Frank Weisgerber (173). They are filling three seats for which the incumbents did not seek reelection.

In the May 23 election, residents and property owners also cast votes for candidates Don Boteler (169 votes), Elizabeth Baker (75) and Joel Danshes (68).

“They’re all good candidates, and I hope the ones that didn’t win will step up and be on committees and [serve the town],” Stevenson said afterward.

“Any of the six would have been superb [on] council, so I’m honored to be picked,” Schrader said. “I’m happy that people exercised their franchise and came out and voted.”

A total of 285 people voted at Town Hall, and of the 61 absentee ballots mailed out, only a handful of were not returned.

“I’m very happy and excited and can’t wait to get to work,” Stevenson said.

Mayor Pat Voveris will meet with the newcomers to discuss town needs and where their talents would be of best use on committees.

“She wants everyone to feel comfortable,” Stevenson said. “I’m excited that everybody’s trying to make it a nice transition.”

Schrader said he would like to work with council and constituents to determine what the big issues are. He looks forward to “rolling up our sleeves and getting to work.”

Weisgerber said he, too, was happy to have been elected.

After they’re sworn in at the May 30 meeting and meet-and-greet, the new council members will get thrown into the work of the council. Their first regular meeting is the FEMA flood plain presentation on June 12 at 6 p.m.