Dagsboro posts 2015-2016 tax assessments

The Dagsboro Town Council this week announced that the 2015-2016 annual assessment list had been posted at Dagsboro Town Hall and throughout town, giving residents the opportunity to appeal their tax assessments.

“Now’s the time that people would appeal their taxes,” said Town Manager Stacey Long in Monday’s meeting, which was held a week earlier than usual, due to Memorial Day.

Staying with Artesian Water for now

With the Town’s current contract with the Artesian Water Company set to expire on June 30, town council members had expressed some interest in seeking an alternate water source, but ultimately determined that they may not have enough time to do so between now and the end of June.

“I would personally like to do that, but not between now and June 30,” said Councilman Bill Chandler of the limited time frame.

With the renewing of the contract comes a $100 on-call service fee, as well.

“If a pipe bursts, then we’re on our own,” noted Councilwoman Theresa Ulrich of the importance of the service.

After the assurance from Long of satisfactory service to date, a motion passed to renew the contract for another two years.

Applying for parks-and-rec grant

According to town planner Kyle Gulbronson, it’s an off year in terms of available state funding for grants, but the Town still has high hopes for a 50/50 match parks-and-rec grant for improvements to Katie Helm Park.

“These funds were money that the State received in a settlement years ago,” explained Gulbronson. “It’s going to be a very competitive year — [the available funding] is the lowest I ever recall.”

Despite the odds, the council agreed that improvements could be made and opted to apply for the grant with the deadline coming up. They had previously tabled the discussion at last month’s meeting. However, what to use the potential money for was up for debate.

“I think phase three was a bathroom facility,” said Long of the original concept. “That was the initial plan many, many years ago.”

After discussing whether one or two bathrooms made financial sense, considering costly new water and sewer lines would have to be installed, ultimately, the decision to finish the walking trail was agreed upon.

“We’d still be looking at 35-40 [thousand dollars], of which 20 [thousand dollars] we’d have to put down,” explained Mayor Norwood Truitt of the cost of installing even just one bathroom facility at the park. “I’d be fine if we’d finish the trail.”

Estimates for the cost of finishing the trail will be put together before the Town applies for the grant.

At the May 18 meeting, a public hearing set for Monday, June 10, on a proposed amendment of the rules and procedures regarding civil and criminal ordinances. The next regularly scheduled town council meeting is set for Monday, June 22.