Millsboro council tables building code, inspections discussion

The Millsboro Town Council had planned to take action on the updates to town’s current building code and supplement existing inspection regulations at Monday’s regularly scheduled town council meeting. However, after deliberation, they decided to table the discussion.

Concerns about whether the council was ready or needed to take action at that time were sparked by Councilman Tim Hodges.

“I think we need to look into exactly what this code says before we just adopt it,” said Hodges. “I recommend that we hold off and study it for 30 days.”

Hodges said his concern was with the effect the code might have on remodels — specifically, in regards to energy-usage regulations.

“I have an issue with the 2012 energy code,” Hodges stated in the meeting. “The difference between the 2009 energy code and the 2012 energy code is significant.”

No other member of the council objected to Hodges’ suggestion to study the code over the course of the next 30 days.

Also at the May 4 meeting, the council voted unanimously to apply for a grant for a new wastewater and drinking-water asset management incentive program that could help the Town yield some possible savings for reinvestment.

“It’s a very competitive grant,” said Millsboro Council Treasurer Michelle Truitt. “But we like to think that we have a good shot.

“It also qualifies you for a loan, where the interest would be [cut in] half.”

No specifics were given as to possible reinvestments for the Town if they were to receive approval for the incentive program, but the possibility was mentioned.

The next regularly scheduled Millsboro Town Council meeting is set for Monday, June 1, at 7 p.m. at Millsboro Town Hall.