Six candidates to vie for three South Bethany Town Council seats

The South Bethany Town Council will see some new faces after the May 23 election. Six residents are currently competing for three seats, but councilmembers Tony Caputo, Jim Gross and Al Rae did not file for reelection. The positions carry a two-year term.

Pending their eligibility reviews on April 17, candidates include Elizabeth Baker, Don Boteler, Joel Danshes, Wayne Schrader, Carol Stevenson and Frank Weisgerber. (William Bombright withdrew shortly after filing.)

Absentee ballots are available for any resident unable to vote at Town Hall on May 23. To request an absentee ballot, residents should contact Town Hall for an affidavit. After that is returned, a ballot will be mailed. They can also visit Town Hall in person to complete both forms during regular operating hours. Absentee ballots must be filed with the Town no later than 3 p.m. on election day.

Voters must be at least 18; a U.S. citizen; and be either a resident of the town for nine months in the last year or longer, or freeholder (property owner) in the town or a freeholder’s spouse. The spouse of a freeholder may vote regardless of whether their name is on the deed.

For more information, contact Town Hall at 402 Evergreen Road, e-mail or call (302) 539-3653.