Woodlawn Trail residents get sidewalk approval from Town

The original plans for the Woodlawn Trail housing development in Dagsboro included a walking trail leading to the park and designed for community use. However, the plans would have left some residents, including Dina Mock, without much of a back yard.

In fact, during Monday night’s town council meeting, Mock claimed that, if the planned walking trail were to be installed, it would only leave her with an estimated 6 inches of grass behind her home.

“If anyone is inclined to [disagree], I would urge them to take a walk in our back yard,” she stated.

Mock was also among the Woodlawn Trail residents who said they were concerned for safety reasons, with the path being just about 5 feet from their windows, with newer homes in the development taking up more room than previously expected.

Representatives from Furmore, the developers of the neighborhood, were also present at the March 23 meeting, noting that drainage issues and grading concerns were among other issues on the north side of the community, stating to the council that the residents had taken it upon themselves to work up a petition to combat the trail.

The council made it known that if they were to grant the request, they would only be able to do so with 100 percent approval from residents.

“I’m comfortable with it if there’s 100 percent approval,” said Town Solicitor Rob Witsil.

After more concerned discussion, the residents were able to show signatures necessary to persuade the council, and council members granted the request unanimously.

“That’s obviously what the community wants, and that’s fine with us,” said Mayor Norwood Truitt.

Residents expressed their gratitude to the council.

The next regularly scheduled town council meeting will be held on Monday, April 20, at 7 p.m.