Millsboro awaits feedback from developer after changes

Millsboro Town Solicitor Mary Schrider-Fox was present at last week’s regularly scheduled town council meeting to discuss some of the terms and conditions for the Plantation Lakes development agreement. At the meeting, Schrider-Fox informed the council that, after making some minor adjustments to the agreement for the annexed development, they have not yet received feedback from the developer.

Despite the previous adjustments, Schrider-Fox explained that there could be more changes in the future.

“We anticipate that there will still be maybe a few more changes, but the decision was made to go ahead and get the draft over to the development team,” she stated. “Just to keep the process moving forward, we’ll be sending those [drafts] over to the [development team] this week.”

Schrider-Fox went on to explain that the process will likely continue to require adjustments.

“It will continue to be a constantly moving target,” she said addressing a question from the council, “just because of the size of this project. Things have a tendency to change when you’re talking about a project of this scope. I still think all of this is a good idea. It’ll give us a base. As of some point in 2015, you will have more amendments in the future. There’s no way to avoid that, but at least this cleans up what was done originally.”

The council expects to hear feedback from the developer regarding the changes before next month’s council meeting.

“Hopefully, by next council meeting, or before, the committee we may have some comments back from the developer,” Schrider-Fox went on. “Although he hasn’t sent any comments yet, we’ve made some changes in consultation with [engineering firm] URS, as well as the committee, so they may have some things to say about some of those changes, and we’ll bring them back to [the council].”

The next Millsboro Town Council meeting is set for Monday, March 2, at 7 p.m. at Millsboro Town Hall.