Coastal Athlete joins area fitness scene

Those looking to make good of their New Year’s resolutions to get healthy and fit will find a unique opportunity at Bethany Beach’s new Coastal Athlete, a personal training studio.

Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: Coastal Athlete owner and trainer Trevor Hurd has opened a new studio in downtown Bethany Beach.Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert: Coastal Athlete owner and trainer Trevor Hurd has opened a new studio in downtown Bethany Beach.“I’ve got over 20 years of personal training and small-group fitness experience and athletic performance fitness,” said owner and trainer Trevor Hurd, a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS).

“I’ve personally trained over 50 Division I scholarship athletes. I’ve trained some professional tennis players. I’ve got experience from professional athletes to collegiate athletes, high school, young, and then the everyday man and woman looking to lose some weight and get in shape.”

Coastal Athlete opened its doors Jan. 12, with a mission “to train every individual to achieve success, whether on the playing field or in life.” Combined with cutting-edge equipment, the “training regimen is functional, progressive and adaptive.”

“Our philosophy is ‘train hard, train fast and train smart,’” said Hurd.

The studio offers personal training, semi-personal training, athletic performance training, online training and corporate fitness. With a limited membership, Coastal Athlete is currently ready to receive clients.

The rate for a 45-minute session is $60. Up to three people can attend one training session and can split the cost among them.

“The fitness industry itself has a bad name because of big-box gyms and big contracts, additional fees, hidden fees and so forth. That’s not me. It’s a simple and it’s an honest fee structure.”

Hurd said he does not offer contracts for clients (“You only pay for what you train”) and is excited to provide an intimate training environment.

“I enjoy training. I’m kind of a people-person. I like to help people. I like to work with a small number of clients because I see the best results. I’m able to focus all of my attention on the limited number of clients that I have.

“It’s all about personal attention — attention to detail, attention to form. The ability for a trainer to in the process of you doing a specific exercise, correct form or increase or decrease tempo. It’s all about me perceiving where you are and pushing you harder because everything we do is progressive. From Day 1, we want to get you better, even if it’s a little bit at a time. That’s really where individual attention comes into play.”

Hurd said Coastal Athlete will offer community members and visitors the chance to have a different training experience than what they may be used to.

“What I’m going for is the ability to offer locals and tourists, renters, a private, elite studio atmosphere, where it’s more about personal attention. They don’t have to worry about somebody on the treadmill next to them or somebody on the leg-press machine. We’ll have drapes, so people who don’t want to be seen won’t be seen.”

Before beginning training sessions with Hurd, each client will meet with him to have a free evaluation.

“You would come in and we’d sit down and talk about your goals — performance goals and aesthetic goals, and also health goals,” he explained.

“Then I’d put together a plan on how we’d go about reaching those goals. It would be a combination of nutrition, flexibility, strength training, core training, and also rest and recovery. It’s all those facets that combine to get you to where you want to go.”

In addition to training with Hurd, clients will do food journals, and daily and weekly homework, as well as receive daily motivational text messages.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Hurd began playing tennis at the age of 6, followed by competitive tennis at the age of 8.

“Then I went on to play Junior National Tennis. I was nationally ranked as a junior tennis player. I played Division I and Division III of collegiate tennis. I was an All-American in 1992 and played a little bit of professional tennis,” he said. “I’ve been an athlete my entire life. It’s just what I know.”

As a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Hurd believes his expertise will be an asset to those who train with him.

“[It’s] the highest fitness certification in the world. It’s the only fitness certification that requires a college degree,” he said. “I’m really proud of that. That’s right up there with the rest of my athletic achievements.”

With 20-plus years in the fitness industry, including training at some of the top clubs in the country, such as the Pinehurst Resort and the Baltimore Country Club, Hurd specializes in functional fitness.

“I train people not only to perform athletically better, but also function better as a human being,” he said. “There aren’t any machines. It’s all kettle bells, body weight, bands and cones. No treadmills, no ellipticals,” he said. “I’m a proponent of all fitness. Everything is good. I just look at it from a different angle.”

The studio, which is in the Holiday House Shops, is only 50 feet off the beach, which Hurd said was a huge selling point for the space.

“I wanted to be close to the beach. I love workouts in soft sand, so we’ll do a lot of workouts in soft sand,” he said. “In the spring and summer, I’ll be offering boot camps for the general public.”

This is Hurd’s first time starting a business, and he said he’s excited to be working with the local business community.

“I’ve already talked to other businesses about doing cross-promotional stuff. I’m really excited about being local. I almost feel like I’m a piece of the pie — we’re right down in the gist of everything.”

Hurd said he strives to provide both excellence and value.

“I want to offer the highest level of training at the lowest price point in Bethany, and I do that,” he said. “I want to be seen as a true value — you’re getting your money’s worth.”

Coastal Athlete is located at 97 Garfield Parkway, in Holiday House Shops #9, in Bethany Beach. For more information, visit, email or call (423) 260-0272.