Dagsboro officials considering new building for town hall

The Town of Dagsboro is considering their options for a new town hall building — a move that, according to Town Administrator Stacey Long, would not increase property taxes for residents.

“This would be solely on what we have now and grant funding,” explained Long. “That’s one of the things we would like [residents] to know: If the Town moves forward with a new town hall, we would make sure that it’s completely funded without having any additional burden on any of the town residents.”

Some of the concerns with the current town hall building include parking issues and the lack of a proper meeting place for the mayor and town employees.

“Some of the issues that we’re facing is there’s just not a place for meetings to occur,” said Long. “There’s not a big enough place for three or four people to meet. Also, the location of the town hall. Entering and exiting is a safety concern.”

A new building would not only potentially solve the issues, but according to Long, would also mean the facility could also be used for regular town council meetings each month, which are currently held off-site.

The council is discussing three options. The Town owns property off of Vines Creek Road where a new building could be constructed. Purchasing another piece of land closer to the center of town for a new building is another option. And lastly, purchasing a vacant building that already stands is a third possibility.

“We’ve been discussing existing structures that are vacant in town. We’ve talked about buying an already-built structure,” Long said. “We’re just looking at different options.”

While discussions have been ongoing, Long said this week that no decision has been made yet and that she doesn’t expect one to be made in the near future.

“For the last several months, it’s just discussions. There’s nothing that we’ve made an offer on,” she said. “I think we’re going to be discussing it for several months. We do want to hear what the town residents have to say.”

To get the opinion of residents, the Town is considering sending out newsletters and surveys, and will also look for feedback at monthly town council meetings.

Dagsboro town taxes were raised during the 2013-2014 fiscal year, for the first time in 20 years, but Long assured property owners that the current council had no plans of increasing taxes again.