Dagsboro discusses water quality, parking lot

The Dagsboro Town Council met last Monday, to listen to a presentation from the Artesian Water Company about a potential purchase to improve the quality of the town’s water.

“We’re getting more frequent water-quality complaints — more so on dead-end lines,” said Town Administrator Stacey Long.

The Town’s current contract with Artesian includes one flush per year, but the council previously approved the purchase of an additional flush from Delaware Role Water to attempt to remedy the water-quality situation. The additional flush costs $5,700.

“That additional flushing that we just approved is about $5,700,” Long said. “We may have to do two additional flushes throughout the year, so that’s an additional $11,000.”

The additional costs to attempt to improve the water quality caused the council to seriously consider an Artesian pitch for a project that would remedy the problem, but concern about the cost of the fix was an issue.

“It’s a big chunk to pay for, but it would be a permanent fix,” said a representative from Artesian. “Small grants for small municipalities are easier to get.”

If the Town is able to get a grant for the fix, Artesian said, residents “more than likely” would not see a difference in water pressure, and wouldn’t run out of water, as they would have by using Millsboro’s water supply as a backup water source.

The council this week also approved the request of what will be Dagsboro’s newest business, Dagswood Deli.

The deli owner requested that the council allow the business to put down shells as a surface material in the parking lot instead of paving it, which is a town-center requirement.

The council agreed to allow the business two years before they will have to face the cost of paving the parking lot.

The council will hold a public hearing during their next scheduled meeting, on Monday, Oct. 28, for a potential charter amendment regarding adding a vendor’s license.