Millville okays MBTS’s Lakeside site plan, celebrates donations

With some old details ironed out, Millville Town Council approved the revised final site plan application for Millville by the Sea’s Lakeside Village neighborhood of 45 single-family lots. The original 70 quad-plexes were nixed for space constraints.

The revised trail, bridge and rest area also fit engineering concerns as developers await the wetlands permit for building.

Chuck Ellison, vice president of Miller & Smith, said there will be premium assessment due to the trail.

Council was also delighted to learn that Millville volunteers helped facilitate a massive donation to Camp Barnes from ACTS (Atlantic Community Thrift Shop).

After making a $5,000 donation earlier this year, ACTS matched itself by recently repeating the contribution. Linda Kent reported that ACTS also delivered a truckload of furniture and other supplies for the recreational children’s summer campground.

The next Town council workshop is scheduled for Sept. 23 at 7 p.m.