Donate snacks or activities to Millville’s Stockings for Soldiers

When Pat Moulder thinks about U.S. soldiers in the Middle East, she envisions the monotony.

“They’re in a really drab place. Everything’s brown and black and gray,” Moulder said.

So she’s very excited that Millville residents will brighten the holidays of servicemen and -women overseas with Stockings for Soldiers.

Thousands of soldiers stationed in Afghanistan won’t be home for Christmas, but they can get some Delaware pride and Christmas cheer.

Moulder herself got involved in the effort last winter with Millville By The Sea. She’s eager to get started again.

“It’s good for men as well. It therapeutic!” Moulder joked. “You can cut, you can draw.”

“It’s just another thing, a community service,” said Linda Kent of the Millville Volunteer Group

A donation box is located at Millville Town Hall. To donate to soldiers stationed overseas, pick up any of the suggested items listed there.

Details are also online at

The deadline for donations is Friday, Oct. 3.

Suggesteddonation items

• Small candies, like mini bars, Christmas and Halloween candy

• Granola, fruit or breakfast bars

• Cookies, nuts, pretzels, trail mix, (less than 12 oz. size)

• Flavored drink mix (single packets of lemonade, tea, hot cocoa, coffee)

• Chewing gum

• Fruit roll-ups, Gushers, Cracker Jacks

• Slim Jim/ beef jerky

• Small individual meal packs (Ramen, lasagna, beefaroni, fruit)

• DVDs, CDs

• Disposable cameras

• Phone cards (AT&T)

• Hand/foot warmers

• Fly swatters

• Socks (any color crew socks)

• Toiletries and lotions (small packages)

• ChapStick and lip balm

• Razors (individual or packages)

• Toothbrushes, toothpaste, foot powder, sunblock

• Paperback books (no romance novels)

• Pocket games, puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku

• Q-tips and cotton swabs

• A personalized greeting card or message of support

• Please do not include aerosol cans or bars of soap.