South Bethany offers unique way to enjoy art

Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert : South Bethany is taking a creative path to beautifying the town.Coastal Point • Shaun M. Lambert : South Bethany is taking a creative path to beautifying the town.Those who have walked the streets of South Bethany lately have been able to enjoy some unique art on Ocean and Seaside drives — in the form of art boards.

“We started the whole idea last year, but this is the first summer we’ve had them hanging,” said South Bethany Councilwoman and Community Enhancement Committee (CEC) Chair Sue Callaway.

The art boards are original works created by local artists that have been printed on a sustainable board that then is adhered to trash-can enclosures on the two streets.

“We have three now, and we have two potential other ones, and one in the works that’s being painted right now,” said Callaway. “These are original artworks that have been scanned, and we send it to a sign company that takes the scan and creates an image onto almost a street-sign kind of product, so it’s weather-resistant and can withstand the environment and anything else that might come along.”

The idea for displaying art throughout the town came while the CEC was brainstorming unique ways to enhance the community.

“A couple of years ago, we had talked about another idea that some of our committee members had seen while in Florida, where people had painted utility poles. We thought about that idea for a while, and then our maintenance department came up with the idea. ‘Wouldn’t it be neat if we could put artwork along there?’” recalled Callaway. “So we started going with that idea. We knew of a couple of professional artists in South Bethany, and they agreed to submit paintings.”

Currently, those living and visiting the town can enjoy artist Tara Funk Grim’s “Beach Brellies” art board, located on Ocean Drive at S. 3rd Street, Carolyn Marcello’s “Historic WWII Tower,” on Ocean Drive and Celeste Speer’s “Dolphins at Play,” located on Ocean Drive and N. 2nd Street.

“They look really great,” said Callaway.

Artists interested in participating in the program do not need to be South Bethany residents, she noted.

“We have the paintings or sketches submitted to the CEC. Then we review the artwork before it’s approved,” she said of the process. “We’d love to have South Bethany artists, but we’re not excluding anyone at this point.”

Callaway said that the art board program, along with the other CEC projects, would not be possible without the support of the town’s mayor and council. She added the Town hopes that the program grows and becomes yet another little treasure in the community.

“Our goal is to encourage more participation and have one on every walkway eventually,” she said. “We hope it will really grow, and I think it will.”

Artists interested in participating in the Art Board Program may contact Callaway via email, at