Dagsboro considering joining social media networks

The Town of Dagsboro could soon be retweeting and following you on Facebook, after a discussion about joining major social media networks during last Monday’s town council meeting.

The idea to create an official Facebook page and Twitter account for the Town was presented by the council’s newest member, Brian Baull, who said social networking could help promote awareness for one of his other suggested ventures — bringing back the town’s Christmas parade.

“It’s a great opportunity to promote your organization,” Baull told the council after demonstrating his experience running the Indian River High School band alumni Facebook page. “Our town is lacking signature events. It’s a great time to get the Christmas parade back — it could really be a nice signature event.”

The council was receptive to both ideas, although concerns about the negative aspects of social media were brought up. The idea to merge the Christmas parade with the holiday tree-lighting ceremony was also discussed — but no decision was made, as the idea is still in its early stages of development.

A representative from the Indian River High School alumni association was present at the meeting to again seek approval for an LED sign in front of the school. The representative told the council that they had been working with three companies and were set on a 10-foot-by-14-inch sign with a 3-foot-by-8-inch LED screen.

Last year’s IRHS students voted on using the school’s Indian head logo for the two-sided sign, and it would be placed on a 2-foot mound and landscaped in the field in front of the school, next to Albert Steele’s property.

The main concern of the council about the proposed sign was the residents in the area, including Steele, and they asked that the alumni group’s representative notify nearby residents by mail of their plans for the sign, encouraging them to attend next month’s council meeting, should they have any questions.

“I would favor the exemption and move on to what the sign should look like and where it should be placed,” said Mayor Norwood Truitt. The council will have final approval of the sign and asked that the representative have a site plan drawn up for next month’s town council meeting.

The owner of Clayton Crossing shopping center was also present at the meeting, to discuss adding a digital sign, explaining that he thought it would bring in more revenue by getting the attention of passersby. He had no intention of making the sign any larger, he said, but did want to make it electronic.

“Most communities have updated their signage requirements. This isn’t going away,” said attorney Rob Witsil on the ongoing matter. “Now is the time to make a decision [on this subject].”

The council did make a unanimous decision to have the Planning & Zoning Commission take a look it.

The council also made voted unanimously to renew a three-year contract with PKS & Co. for their yearly financial audi. They also announced Gayle Chandler as a Planning & Zoning member for five more years and Ed Burton as joining the Board of Adjustment for five more years.